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Oracle Security Handbook : Implement a Sound Security Plan in Your Oracle Environment

From the official Oracle Press comes a comprehensive guide to implementing a sound security plan in your Oracle environment. This expert resource explains how to secure the operating system, the database, and the network and how to use Oracle's built-in security features. The book also explains how to hacker-proof, audit, and troubleshoot your entire system.

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Oracle Privacy Security Auditing: Includes Federal Law Compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley & The Gramm Leach Bliley Act GLB

Sharing secrets for the effective creation of auditing mechanisms for Health/Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliant Oracle systems, this book demonstrates how the HIPAA framework provides complete security access and auditing for Oracle database information. Complete details for using Oracle auditing features, including auditing from Oracle redo logs, using system-level triggers, and using Oracle9i fine-grained auditing (FGA) for auditing of the retrieval of sensitive information, are provided.
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Special Ops: Host and Network Security for Microsoft, UNIX, and Oracle

Special Ops: Internal Network Security Guide is the solution for the impossible 24-hour IT work day. By now, most companies have hardened their perimeters and locked out the "bad guys," but what has been done on the inside?

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Oracle E-Business Suite Security (Oracle)

Implement and Maintain Rock-Solid Security for Oracle E-Business Suite

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Implementing Database Security and Auditing: Includes Examples for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 UDB, Sybase

This book is about database security and auditing. You will learn many methods and techniques that will be helpful in securing, monitoring and auditing database environments. It covers diverse topics that include all aspects of database security and auditing - including network security for databases, authentication and authorization issues, links and replication, database Trojans, etc. You will also learn of vulnerabilities and attacks that exist within various database environments or that have been used to attack databases (and that have since been fixed).

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The Oracle Hacker's Handbook: Hacking and Defending Oracle

* David Litchfield is the ultimate authority on breaking into Oracle, and this unique book contains everything he knows-most of which has never before been published
* Examines in depth all the techniques and tools that hackers use to break into Oracle database servers so that IT professionals can better understand the risk that their systems are exposed to and, in turn, build and employ better defensive strategies

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Effective Oracle Database 10g Security by Design

Oracle security expert David Knox explains how to design and develop an integrated, secure Oracle environment. “In my experience in the security world, including 32 years at the Central Intelligence Agency, I’ve not found anyone with more experience in the theory and practice of protecting your data than David Knox.” --Dave Carey, former Executive Director of the CIA

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