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PL/SQL Programming Books

Oracle9i PL/SQL: A Developer's Guide

Oracle9i PL/SQL: A Developer's Guide is intended for both intermediate-level Oracle developers who are designing or coding applications in SQL and PL/SQL and for advanced PL/SQL programmers who need to learn new PL/SQL 9ifeatures. In addition to providing developers with detailed coverage of the PL/SQL 9i language itself, author Bulusu Lakshman covers the techniques of using PL/SQL 9i for server-side applications and provides the methodology for implementing robust applications.

Object-Oriented Oracle

The popularity of object-oriented concepts, design, and programming has stimulated the need for a database system that enables a straightforward process to store and retrieve object instances. Exploring object-oriented features and techniques in Oracle DBMS, this book describes the fundamental aspects of data modeling and implementation in Oracle.

Oracle PL/SQL Crash Course

Many of the current PL/SQL titles are overkill for those who need to use PL/SQL but have no intention of becoming professional DBAs. This book teaches you what you really need to know, without getting bogged down by what you don't. In Oracle PL/SQL Crash Course, author expert Ben Forta distills the essentials of PL/SQL into a set of self-paced lessons in which you complete practice exercises designed to illustrate the most important aspects of setting up, using, and administering PL/SQL.

Teach Yourself Pl/SQL in 21 Days (Sams Teach Yourself)

Sams Teach Yourself PL/SQL in 21 Days is the ultimate hands-on guide that teaches you how to take full advantage of Oracle's powerful database systems, including Web-based J/SQL implementations.

Oracle 10g Developing Web Applications with PL/SQL Server Pages

This book is written with the objective of providing the students or professionals with the knowledge of how to develop and manipulate a relational database through the medium of the Internet. It provides a hands-on approach toward applying the database application concepts for Web development. In an academic environment, the book can be adopted in any class or course that emphasizes relational database application concepts and/or Web application development. This textbook goes beyond mere refinements of database or Web application concepts.

Advanced Oracle PL/SQL Programming with Packages (Nutshell Handbook)

Steven Feuerstein's first book, Oracle PL/SQL Programming, has become the classic reference to PL/SQL, Oracle's procedural extension to its SQL language. His new book looks thoroughly at one especially advanced and powerful part of the PL/SQL language -- the package. The use of packages can dramatically improve your programming productivity and code quality, while preparing you for object-oriented development in Oracle technology. In this book, Feuerstein explains how to construct packages -- and how to build them the right way.