Introduction to Oracle

Books to help beginners and newbies to get a grip on Oracle

Introduction to Oracle 10G & Database CD Package

For the introduction to database or an advanced database course where the instructor wants to feature Oracle.

Students need a big-picture introduction to Oracle and they need specific examples and steps. This concise book covers all of the topics students need in a first class by using step-by-step techniques with a rich set of databases to provide students with practical experience — all in one book.

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Oracle PL/SQL For Dummies

Find tips for creating efficient PL/SQL code

If you know a bit about SQL, this book will make PL/SQL programming painless!

The Oracle has spoken—you need to get up to speed on PL/SQL programming, right?

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Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus

SQL is the ANSI-standard language for accessing and manipulating relational databases. Anyone (programmers, administrators, or designers) who work with a relational databases need to understand the SQL language. While most books on the market do not properly cover the basics, this book differs: it explains fundamentals in detail, supported by realistic examples.You will gain full competence to define, access, and manipulate data in an Oracle database.

This book is an effective tool for you to write effective SQL for the Oracle database.

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Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)

From the exclusive publisher of Oracle Press books, here is an architectural and technical reference on how to use Oracle Application Server 10g to Web-enable Oracle databases for application server systems. You’ll find coverage of installation, configuration, and tuning, using Java with Oracle Application Server 10g, and much more.

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Oracle Database 10g: A Beginner's Guide (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)

Provides beginning DBAs and developers with a solid foundation in the database administration and programming basics needed to embark on an Oracle career. The focus is on Oracle Database 10g, but you’ll get the fundamentals applicable to all Oracle database releases.

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