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Oracle Internet/ Web Books, including HTMLDB, JDBC, JSQL, XML, etc.

Oracle Web Application Server Web Toolkit Reference

Read about undocumented strategies for designing, building, implementing, and supporting Web applicationsm, including sample scripts, taken from real-life examples.

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OCA: Oracle Application Server 10g Administration I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-311)

  • Complete coverage of the exam objectives, hands-on exercises, review questions, and more, this is the first and only book to offer such in-depth coverage of this challenging exam
  • Takes into consideration that candidates must not only know how to install and configure Oracle Application Server 10g, but how to use the robust tool set, including Oracle HTTP Server and OracleAS Portal
  • The book features an interactive CD-ROM, including the Sybex Test Engine with chapter review questions and bonus exams, a series of flash cards that can be used on a PC or handheld, and a
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Oracle 9i JDBC Programming

In this book, Mr. Price takes you from making simple database connections to using object-relational features and covers such essential topics as Oracle9IAS Containers for J2EE (OC4J), JDeveloper, and performance tuning. Read this book and learn how to leverage the full power of Oracle's implementation of JDBC.

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Building Oracle XML Applications

Aimed at Oracle professionals planning or doing XML work, this in-depth guide, covering Oracle8 and Oracle8i, comes from Oracle's lead XML technical evangelist, Steve Muench. No prior knowledge of XML is required to dive into the book, but readers are assumed to be familiar with SQL and with programming using Java or PL/SQL.

Building Oracle XML Applications introduces XML, gives an overview of Oracle XML technologies, and shows what they do and how they fit together.

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Oracle Web Applications

Oracle databases sit behind a large number of Web servers. The latest release, Oracle 8i, is sold as an Internet database and gives developers tools to build Web applications. Oracle Web Applications is a guide for using Oracle 8i for content management, application development, and application integration. You'll learn about its support for the latest Internet technologies, including XML and Oracle's WebDB application development tools.

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OCP Building Internet Applications I & II Exam Guide

Prepare to pass the OCP Building Internet Applications I ; II exams--two of four required exams for OCP Application Developer certifications--using this Oracle Press study guide. You'll get complete coverage of all exam topics followed by practice questions and chapter summaries. The CD-ROM contains hundreds of practice exam questions in an adaptive format.

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Java Programming with Oracle JDBC

JDBC is the key Java technology for relational database access. Oracle is arguably the most widely used relational database platform in the world. In this book, Donald Bales brings these two technologies together, and shows you how to leverage the full power of Oracle's implementation of JDBC.

You begin by learning the all-important mysteries of establishing database connections.

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Oracle HTML DB Handbook (Oracle)

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Oracle Application Server 10g Essentials

The new Oracle Application Server offers a wide range of functionality, including Java runtime and development tools, portal development tools, business intelligence, single sign-on identify management, and much more. It's so powerful and complex, in fact, that many people who use the product (or are considering using it) are familiar with only a portion of the entire range of its capabilities. The choices can be overwhelming.

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