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Oracle Internet/ Web Books, including HTMLDB, JDBC, JSQL, XML, etc.

Oracle and AJAX: The Handbook for Dynamic Web Development (Oracle In-Focus series)

Entering data on the Internet becomes simpler and lightning fast with this guide to emerging Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) technology. Lessons include how to create dynamic Web reports with AJAX and DHTML, use AJAX to submit forms and retrieve data, populate multiple page components from tables, and create user-friendly graphical interfaces without ever having to refresh the screen.

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Oracle XSQL

  • Presents a complete approach to building XML Web applications and Web services with XSQL, Oracle Text, SQL, XSLT, and Java from data found in Oracle databases
  • Offers expert tips on how to enhance XSQL with servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Provides a detailed comparison of XSQL and XQuery
  • Companion Web site contains the code examples in the book as well as useful links where readers can download the Oracle XDK
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Oracle Databases on the Web: Learn to Create Web Pages That Interface with Database Engines

Covers how to set up database systems to drive commercial Web and intranet sites. Provides the insight of two experienced Oracle database administrators. Presents need-to-know information in an easy-to-read format with clear examples and illustrations. Provides an understanding of the World Wide Web and details on Web security. Details database design, including performance and tuning.

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Oracle Web Application Server Handbook (Oracle Series)

Discover how to develop a successful internal corporate Web site or establish a presence on the Web using the advanced technologies of Oracle's WebSystem, a suite of powerful software applications. Topics inlcude how to publish documents and conduct electronic commerce, how to keep information secure, and much more. As a bonus, the book comes with a CD-ROM with a 90-day trial version of Oracle WebServer and the highly touted Oracle PowerBrowser.

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Oracle XML Handbook (Book/CD-ROM package)

The Oracle Corporation has made XML a key component of its overall strategy and product architectures. Unfortunately, like most Oracle technologies, XML is multifaceted and adorned with numerous names and acronyms. The Oracle XML Handbook is a small title with a big mission: to put XML in perspective as it exists in the Oracle universe.

The book follows the familiar style of other Oracle Press documentation, presenting the "big picture," followed by chapters devoted to the various individual products and technologies involved.

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Oracle® WebDB Bible

Oracle's new run-anywhere browser-based tool delivers everything you need to deploy powerful database applications over the Internet. And this authoritative reference delivers everything you need to master the complete capabilities of WebDB -- database browsing, application development, component management, performance monitoring, even constructing entire Web sites with SiteBuilder.

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The Developer's Guide to Oracle(R) Web Application Server 3

"This book is a must-have for the serious Oracle developers, particularly those looking at the rapidly emerging area of Application Servers. It takes you far beyond the basic introductory material found in other publications and provides a multitude of real-world examples."

-Beatriz Infante, Senior Vice-President Application Server Division, Oracle Corporation

"Dennis Harvey and Steve Beitler have not only written an excellent book about Oracle Application Server products and technologies, they were also instrumental in helping us test and debug the product.

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Java Oracle Database Development

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Java Programming with Oracle SQLJ

If you're a Java programmer working in an Oracle environment, you're probably familiar with JDBC as a means of accessing data within an Oracle database. SQLJ takes you further, allowing you to access a database using embedded SQL statements. Java Programming with Oracle SQLJ shows you how to get the most out of SQLJ. Layered on top of JDBC, SQLJ greatly simplifies database programming. Rather than make several calls to the JDBC API just to execute a simple SQL statement, SQLJ executes that statement simply by embedding it within the Java code.

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Oracle Application Server Portal Handbook

Complete coverage of the latest release of Oracle Portal--the powerful Web-development platform

New from Oracle Press comes this cutting-edge guide to Oracle Application Server Portal. You will learn to create and manage dynamic, feature-rich portals, portlets, and websites. All the features of the latest distribution of Oracle Portal, version 10.1.4, are covered in full detail, illustrated by real-world case studies and solutions.

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