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Expert Oracle JDBC Programming

With Oracle in the process of de-supporting SQLJ, JDBC is now really the only recommended means of interfacing between Java and Oracle. Consequently, this book is a must have for any developer building an Oracle Java application.

Many Java developers tend to treat Oracle as a "black box"; as a consequence, developers tend to write incorrect, non-scalable code. If you don't intimately know how Oracle works and expects you to program, you might avoid Oracle extensions to the standard for fear of your code becoming database-dependent.

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Beginning Oracle Programming (Expert's Voice)

This book teaches you all of the core concepts behind using the database, shows you the tools and techniques you need to master, and gives you practical examples of programming Oracle. This book is aimed at would-be Oracle developers and administrators alike. No matter what your background might be, this book takes a simple approach to teaching you Oracle technology. By the time you have completed this book, you will have all the knowledge you need to use Oracle databases with confidence.

Oracle is the world's leading relational database.

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Professional ADO.NET 2: Programming with SQL Server 2005, Oracle, and MySQL

ADO.NET revolutionized the way data was accessed through SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. With Microsoft's release of ADO.NET 2, ADO and the .NET Framework are integrated with SQL Server for the first time-enabling you to program .NET applications directly within the SQL Server database.

Packed with sample code and recommended best practices for using ADO.NET 2, this code-intensive book explores the new data types that are available in the 2.0 Framework and discusses the appropriate time and way to use them.

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Professional Oracle Programming (Programmer to Programmer)

  • One of the only Oracle books to focus exclusively on database programming rather than administration
  • Oracle owns sixty percent of the commercial database market
  • Provides full coverage of the latest Oracle version, 10g-including new features such as regular expressions and the MODEL SQL clause-as well as versions 8, 8i, and 9i
  • The authors are well-known as Oracle gurus-Greenwald is the author of Oracle in a Nutshell and the coauthor, with Stackowiak, of Oracle 9 Essentials
  • Shows how to use Oracle data and data structures to build robust, scalable dat
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Oracle 9i JDBC Programming

In this book, Mr. Price takes you from making simple database connections to using object-relational features and covers such essential topics as Oracle9IAS Containers for J2EE (OC4J), JDeveloper, and performance tuning. Read this book and learn how to leverage the full power of Oracle's implementation of JDBC.

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Oracle 9i Programming: A Primer

A concise, streamlined introduction to Oracle SQL with numerous examples throughout the chapters to illustrate programming concepts. This book offers a basic review of the relational model, then moves on to an introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. Hot topics such as SQLJ, Java Servelets and Oracle XML are also introduced. Anyone just learning how to program with SQL will find this concise introduction to Oracle SQL ideal.

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Oracle Forms Developer's Handbook

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Building Oracle XML Applications

Aimed at Oracle professionals planning or doing XML work, this in-depth guide, covering Oracle8 and Oracle8i, comes from Oracle's lead XML technical evangelist, Steve Muench. No prior knowledge of XML is required to dive into the book, but readers are assumed to be familiar with SQL and with programming using Java or PL/SQL.

Building Oracle XML Applications introduces XML, gives an overview of Oracle XML technologies, and shows what they do and how they fit together.

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Programming with Oracle Developer

Programming with Oracle Developer is packed with expert advice, detailed explanations, and complete solutions that show you how to produce robust, precise, Internet-ready applications for developers. You'll get step-by-step guidance from prototyping through delivering a high-powered Internet application.

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