Oracle Developer (Forms, Reports, Discoverer) and other Programming Books

Developing Oracle Forms Applications

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Object-Oriented Oracle (Solutions for It Professionals)

The popularity of object-oriented concepts, design, and programming has stimulated the need for a database system that enables a straightforward process to store and retrieve object instances. Exploring object-oriented features and techniques in Oracle DBMS, this book describes the fundamental aspects of data modeling and implementation in Oracle.
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Oracle and Java Development

  • Describes Oracle's Internet Computing Platform for developing applications.
  • Outlines Key Oracle Java technologies like Enterprise Java Beans, Business Components, Java Server Pages, and Servlets for developing and deploying applications using Oracle 8i.
  • Describes the creation of dynamic Web Content with Java.
  • Describes database interaction with Java using Java stored procedures, JDBC, and SQLJ.

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Oracle Development Unleashed (3rd Edition)

Written by experienced Oracle developers, Oracle Unleashed teaches you how to build complex and sophisticated applications from start to finish using the newest features of Oracle8i, including SQLJ, JavaBeans, CORBA, and the Java Virtual Machine. Learn how to use the latest versions of Oracle Designer, Oracle Developer, and Oracle Discoverer, as well as develop programs that use Oracle's new enterprise management tools.

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Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications

Oracle 10g Developing Media Rich Applications is focused squarely on database administrators and programmers as the foundation of multimedia database applications. With the release of Oracle8 Database in 1997, Oracle became the first commercial database with integrated multimedia technology for application developers. Since that time, Oracle has enhanced and extended these features to include native support for image, audio, video and streaming media storage; indexing, retrieval and processing in the Oracle Database, Application Server; and development tools.

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Conducting the Programmer Job Interview: The IT Manager Guide with Java J2EE, C, C++, UNIX, PHP and Oracle Interview questions!

Offering accumulated observations of interviews with hundreds of job candidates, these books provide useful insights into which characteristics make a good IT professional. These handy guides each have a complete set of job interview questions and provide a practical method for accurately assessing the technical abilities of job candidates. The personality characteristics of successful IT professionals are listed and tips for identifying candidates with the right demeanor are included. Methods for evaluating academic and work histories are described as well.
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Oracle Forms Interactive Workbook

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Oracle Developer Forms Techniques (Other Sams)

Oracle Developer Forms Techniques describes the concepts and techniques needed to build Web-enabled applications with Forms. The book covers advanced topics in great detail, including understanding and overcoming error handling limitations in Forms, such as errors which cannot be tracked through normal FORM_SUCCESS or FORM_FAILURE, ordering by items based on FK look-ups, obtaining Query Count without actually executing a query, and performing an exclusive server-side commit from Forms. The book also covers object-oriented methods in Forms, and Intelligence in Forms.

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Oracle JDeveloper 10<i>g</i>: Empowering J2EE Development

Oracle JDeveloper 10g: Empowering J2EE Development offers a look at the Oracle9i tool JDeveloper 9.0.5 (a fully functional, freely downloadable tool), and takes developers through designing a single project from start to finish. It touches on the various aspects of the tool’s environment which begins with the UML design aspects, moves along to the J2EE components including Web Services and deployment, discusses the plug-ins available to use with JDeveloper, and wraps up with troubleshooting tips and a quick reference guide.

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Oracle Programming with Visual Basic

Aimed at programmers who are familiar with Visual Basic and who have been exposed to Oracle, this instructional text covers the popular Oracle/Visual Basic client/server combination from beginning to end. The book opens with a lengthy discussion of the unique architecture of Oracle. The author presents the basics of Oracle's components, database administration processes, and database design issues. By the end of this first part, the reader comes away with a solid understanding of Oracle.

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