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Database Systems Using Oracle (2nd Edition)

This easy-to-read book provides quick lessons on relational database terminology and normalization with very little effort. Updated for Oracle 9i, its thorough coverage of Oracle's SQL and PL/SQL and introduction to advanced SQL topics makes this a must for busy professionals. The many examples, with output shown as screenshots, provide ample opportunity for the reader to easily understand and learn to use Oracle and SQL.

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Oracle Database 10g New Features (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)

Here is an invaluable overview of all the cutting-edge features of Oracle’s latest database release, Oracle Database 10g. Includes expert commentary throughout from world-renowned Oracle guru Jonathan Lewis. This is an ideal resource for decision-makers and IT staff preparing for upgrades or migration.

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Perl for Oracle DBAs

Perl is a very powerful tool for Oracle database administrators, but too few DBAs realize how helpful Perl can be in managing, monitoring, and tuning Oracle databases. Whether you're responsible for Oracle9i, Oracle8i, or earlier databases, you'll find Perl an invaluable addition to your database administration arsenal. You don't need to be a Perl expert to use the excellent applications and scripts described in Perl for Oracle DBAs.

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Oracle 10g Grid & Real Application Clusters

Revealing the secrets for quickly implementing and tuning Oracle RAC database systems, this book covers all areas of Oracle Real Application Clusters including Oracle10g new features. Oracle DBAs who are charged with configuring and implementing a RAC clusters database will benefit from this complete guide to the installation as well as configuration and design of Oracle Real Application Clusters. Information is supplied on expert internals of shared disk technology, raw devices and RAID with RAC, the internal concurrency, resource coordination, and the locking mechanism within RAC.
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Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table

Oracle is the enterprise database of choice for the majority of businesses (holding 42% of the Unix/Linux and Windows market in 2002).

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Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide

Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide provides scripts, notes, guidelines, and references to guide you safely through the crucial day-to-day administration tasks that fall within your jurisdiction. This includes configuring, monitoring, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and patching. This book contains tips, techniques, and guidance for administering the highly complex Oracle E-Business Suite running Oracle9i or Oracle10g on UNIX or Linux servers--all in an easy reading and quick-to-navigate format.

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Expert Oracle Database 10g Administration (Expert's Voice)

This is a unique, one-volume guide to the administration and management of the Oracle database. Fully revised and updated from its best-selling 9i predecessor, this edition covers all new features, with fully field-tested examples--not just "showcase" examples.

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Oracle Database 10g Insider Solutions

Oracle Database 10g Insider Solutions is a must-have reference guide for all Oracle professionals. It provides much-needed information on best practices, tips, and techniques in debugging, installation, deployment, and tuning of the Oracle 10g database. You can draw upon the experience and knowledge of these authors to find creative ways to put your Oracle database to work. The authors will also address common and not-so-common installation concerns, database administration, development, and tuning.

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Expert One on One Oracle

Tom Kyte is of a rare breed. To begin, he's technically expert in his subject (administration of and development of applications for Oracle database management systems). What's more (and what distinguishes him from the ranks of the super-competent), he is both able and willing to share his considerable store of wisdom with Oracle users via books like Expert One on One: Oracle. Perhaps the best book about Oracle products ever put out, this book is a model of all aspects of technical publishing: scope, level of detail, clarity of explanations, and quality of examples.

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OCP: Oracle 10g New Features for Administrators Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-040 (Certification Study Guide)

Here's the book you need to prepare for Oracle's 10g upgrade exam, Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Administrators (1Z0-040). This Study Guide was developed to meet the exacting requirements of today's Oracle certification candidates.

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