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Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs

PL/SQL, Oracle's powerful procedural language, has been the cornerstone of Oracle application development for nearly 15 years. Although primarily a tool for developers, PL/SQL has also become an essential tool for database administration, as DBAs take increasing responsibility for site performance and as the lines between developers and DBAs blur.

Until now, there has not been a book focused squarely on the language topics of special concern to DBAs Oracle PL/SQL for DBAs fills the gap.

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Oracle9i RAC: Oracle Real Application Clusters Configuration and Internals

A reference for RAC and TAF technology, this book demonstrates how to optimize Oracle clustered server environments for optimal performance and flexibility. Covering all areas of RAC continuous availability and transparent application failover, this book is indispensable for Oracle DBAs who are responsible for configuring and implementing RAC clusters databases. The secrets for successful design of RAC clusters and the expert internals of shared disk technology, raw devices, and RAID with RAC are described.
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Oracle Enterprise Manager 101

Your Oracle career starts here! Ideal for those new to Oracle technology, this officially authorized guide explains in easy-to-follow detail how to administer an Oracle database using this state-of-the-art tool. Inside, you'll learn to eliminate, simplify, and automate administrative tasks and use Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) as a management framework for your entire Oracle environment.

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Oracle DBA Pocket Guide

The Oracle database is one of the most popular in the world, and for good reason. It's compatible, scalable, portable, and capable of performing incredibly fast. The advantages Oracle holds over its competition come with a price, however--it's a highly complex database that's becoming more complex with every release. And this level of detail, of course, can begin to weigh on database administrators (DBAs).

Fortunately, the Oracle DBA Pocket Guide from O'Reilly is on the case.

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Enterprise Grid Computing with Oracle (Osborne Oracle Press)

"This book is an excellent source of pragmatic guidance on how users can realize real benefits from adopting Grid Computing today while addressing their pressing business needs and leveraging their current IT investments." --Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President, Oracle Server Technologies

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Oracle DBA Handbook, 7.3 Edition (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)

What every system administrator needs to know for effective and efficient database management.

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Oracle Replication: Snapshot, Multi-master & Materialized Views Scripts (Oracle In-Focus)

With the advent of inexpensive and fast worldwide connectivity, many Oracle professionals recognize the benefits of distributing Oracle data; however, Oracle multi-master replication is extremely complex and time-consuming to implement. This book addresses the complexity of Oracle replication by providing working code examples and illustrations of working systems. Demonstrated is every aspect of Oracle snapshot replication, including syntax for refresh intervals, managing snapshot logs, monitoring oracle replication, and refresh timings.
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Oracle Security Handbook : Implement a Sound Security Plan in Your Oracle Environment

From the official Oracle Press comes a comprehensive guide to implementing a sound security plan in your Oracle environment. This expert resource explains how to secure the operating system, the database, and the network and how to use Oracle's built-in security features. The book also explains how to hacker-proof, audit, and troubleshoot your entire system.

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Oracle DBA 101

Oracle DBA 101 offers a friendly place for budding Oracle professionals to learn critical database management skills. Refreshingly, the book's entertaining style doesn't preclude the authors from discussing advanced concepts.

The text opens with a discussion of everything an Oracle DBA is expected to do. It moves quickly into the particulars of the Oracle architecture, all the while maintaining a comfortable writing style that makes easy reading of material that is, because of its technical nature, very dry.

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Oracle SQL*Loader: The Definitive Guide

SQL*Loader is a ubiquitous tool in the Oracle world. It has been shipped with Oracle since at least Version 6 and continues to be supported and enhanced with each new version of Oracle, including Oracle8 and Oracle8i. The job of SQL*Loader is to load data from flat files into an Oracle database. It's optimized for loading large volumes of data, and is flexible enough to handle virtually any input format. Almost every Oracle user has to use SQL*Loader at one time or another, and DBAs are frequently called upon to load data for the users in their organization.

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