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Oracle DBA Checklists Pocket Reference

Oracle database administration is a complex and stressful job. In a series of easy-to-use checklists, this concise pocket reference summarizes the enormous number of tasks you must perform as an Oracle DBA. Each section takes a step-by-step "cookbook" approach to presenting DBA quick-reference material.

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Oracle Initialization Parameters Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly))

Oracle designed its database products to be flexible and configurable so they would operate on a variety of hardware platforms, and they succeeded--Oracle software runs on more than seventy computer platforms, from mainframes to PC networks to handheld PDAs. The secret to this flexibility lies in the software's initialization parameters, whose numerous settings can be configured for top performance in countless environments. On the downside, however, improper settings can slow a system down; even grind it to a halt.

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Oracle Database 10g New Features: Oracle10g Reference for Advanced Tuning and Administration

For those database administrators intending to upgrade or those who need to know the new features that will affect the entire Oracle database world, this book relates all of the features of this new database. The complete details of the database's new features, including database management and administration enhancements, are discussed. Improvements and additions to security, architecture, Internet features, real application clusters, and performance are also detailed.

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Everyday Oracle DBA (Osborne Oracle Press)

Hundreds of Ways to Get More Done Faster

Learn how to effectively and efficiently administer an Oracle database and handle a variety of daily tasks with ease. Filled with tips, tricks, and shortcuts, Everyday Oracle DBA is designed to make your job easier and more productive. The book covers database setup, user management, PL/SQL, backup, restoration, tuning, troubleshooting, testing, and much more. Get the answers you need right at your fingertips from this Oracle Press guide.

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Oracle Data Dictionary Pocket Reference

If you work with Oracle, then you don't need to be told that the data dictionary is large and complex, and grows larger with each new Oracle release. It's one of the basic elements of the Oracle database you interact with regularly, but the sheer number of tables and views makes it difficult to remember which view you need, much less the name of the specific column. Want to make it simpler?

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Oracle Utilities Pocket Reference (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly))

The Oracle Utilities Pocket Reference is a handy, quick-reference guide to the multitude of Oracle utilities that database administrators (DBAs) use every hour of every day. As the undisputed leader among database products, Oracle is grasped conceptually by most DBAs. However, they understandably may not recall the specific utility to use for a given task, and, more commonly, won't in many cases remember the syntax to use.

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Oracle Utilities: Using Hidden Programs, Import/Export, SQL*Loader, Oradebug, Dbverify, Tkprof and More

Targeted at seasoned Oracle professionals who need to perform powerful system-wide operating system internal operations on their Oracle databases, this book provides help on how to use the utilities provided with the Oracle database. Explained are secrets for database migration with export/import and SQL*Loader utilities as well as OS utilities such as dbverify, orastack, and orakill. Tuning utilities including tkprof and dbms_debug are described in detail in addition to monitoring utilities including dbms_alert and dbms_xplan.
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Oracle Streams: High Speed Replication and Data Sharing (Oracle In-Focus series)

Revealing secrets for achieving high-speed replication and data sharing, this guide uses proven techniques from mission-critical applications for ensuring success with Oracle Streams. From installation to implementation, step-by-step instructions are provided to ensure success with these powerful Oracle features. Oracle DBAs are walked safely through the myriad of complex Oracle Streams tasks including the set-up of the staging area queue, propagation through data hubs, customized apply functions, rule-based data propagation, and Oracle Streams transformation.

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Oracle Dataguard: Standby Database Failover Handbook (Oracle In-Focus series)

This guide for using Dataguard technology covers all areas of disaster recovery, standby databases, and automatic Oracle failover. The details of how Oracle10g's improved Dataguard provides a comprehensive solution for disaster recovery while keeping a low TCO are discussed. Descriptions of the concepts and architecture of standby databases as well as the implementation and management of Dataguard are provided.
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Oracle DBA Interactive Workbook

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