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DBA's Guide to Databases Under Linux

The stability and reliability of the Linux operating system makes it an ideal platform on which to operate databases. Increasingly, major software vendors are designing their applications to run on Linux. DBA's Guide to Databases on Linux walks you through the installation and configuration of several major databases on Linux and provides a working example of an e-commerce Web site. Major commercial databases such as Oracle, Informix, Sybase, DB2 and Progress are covered in depth as well as the widely used freeware databases, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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Oracle Best Practices: Practical Standards for Success (Oracle In-Focus series)

Describing the successful techniques employed by large Oracle database shops to ensure quality and uniformity, this guide contains real-world examples and a code depot. All areas of Oracle best practices management, including the Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture and testing and quality assurance best practices, are covered in detail.

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Oracle Dba Survival Guide

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Understanding the Oracle Server

A clear, conceptual overview of Oracle Server, the leading enterprise-wide database management system. In this book, an Oracle Corporation expert walks the reader through Oracle Server architecture, explains how it handles data concurrency, data integrity and other information management issues, and shows how a database administrator can use it to maximum advantage. Common tasks, such as implementing security and recovering a database after failure, are covered clearly and concisely. Finally, the author makes recommendations for using Oracle Server in a corporate environment. .

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Grid Revolution: An Introduction to Enterprise Grid Computing (Osborne Oracle Press)

Flexible, reliable, and inexpensive, enterprise grid computing is the ideal solution to today’s changing business needs. Perfect for business decision-makers, Grid Revolution provides an accessible overview of this technology. The book covers current grid standards activities and outlines the strategic steps required to phase grid computing into an existing infrastructure.

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Oracle Real Application Clusters

Clustered configuration first hit the scene nearly 20 years ago when Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) introduced the VaxCluster. Until now, the topic of Real Application Clusters (RAC) implementation had never been fully explored. For the first time, Murali Vallath dissects RAC mysteries in his book Oracle Real Application Clusters to enlighten and educate readers on the internals of RAC operations, cache fusion, fusion recovery processes and the fast reconfiguration of RAC.

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Portable DBA: Oracle

This handy, affordable reference is ideal for on-the-job DBAs in need of quick access to administrative commands, error resolutions, and best practices. Covering the most commonly used Oracle database versions, the book contains invaluable tables so problems can be diagnosed quickly and includes examples and syntax diagrams for each command.

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Creating a Self-Tuning Oracle Database: Automating Oracle9i Dynamic SGA Performance (Oracle In-Focus series)

The dynamic memory features of Oracle9i make it possible to create a self-tuning database. This book explores proven techniques for monitoring the behavior of the Oracle System Global Area (SGA) and provides ways to anticipate upcoming problems and adjust the SGA before a performance problem occurs. Written for senior Oracle database administrators, this guide focuses on proactive tuning and scripting and shows how to collect historical data and use it to develop signatures for all memory areas.
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Oracle 24x7 Tips and Techniques

Maintaining near-flawless database uptime is a source of anxiety for countless database administrators. In Oracle 24x7 Tips & Techniques, Venkat S.

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