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Oracle Internals: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for DBAs

This book is a collection of the best most relevant articles published in Oracle Internals, Auerbach Publications' newsletter for Oracle database administrators. Edited by Oracle guru Don Burleson, it provides the type of in-depth, highly technical information only available from peers and consultants. Unlike existing tutorials, this book focuses on the truly tough stuff - techniques learned and used in the trenches.

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Oracle DBA Tips and Techniques

Oracle DBA Tips & Techniques is the perfect complement to Oracle Press DBA Handbooks and soon-to-be published Starter Kit. The book is organized and structured to provide time-saving, undocumented methods for the DBAs comprehensive job. The Oracle Tips & Techniques Series is a response to the many requests for this type of material from the readers of Oracle Press. Important features include: "Tips Covered" and "Tips Reviewed" section at the beginning and end of each chapter; easy-reference bleed tabs.

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Oracle Troubleshooting

Oracle Troubleshooting is a technical support reference written by two authors with a combined 12 years experience at Oracle Worldwide Customer Support. This book accomplishes two important goals: first, it provides solutions to commonly asked Oracle user questions. It enables users to diagnose and solve their own Oracle problems, thereby avoiding a potentially costly and time-consuming technical support call. Second, this book provides help during times when readers must call WWCS. It helps them test and identify critical information that can make the call quicker and less painful.

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Oracle DBA SQL Quick Reference

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e-Business for the Oracle DBA

This book focuses on discussing the issues that a DBA would face in extending existing systems for eBusiness. The book also discusses how DBAs can prepare themselves for the challenge. An example business 'DOeBIZ Corporation' is used to help the reader understand the various issues involved and how an Oracle DBA can deal with them.

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Oracle Database Administration for UNIX Systems (Bk/CD-ROM)

More Oracle databases are deployed on UNIX systems than any other platform, yet most books on Oracle database administration largely ignore the UNIX platform. This book focuses exclusively on Oracle database administration in UNIX environments.This concise introduction to Oracle database administration on UNIX systems requires no prior database experience.

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Oracle DBA Scripting Quick Reference

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Oracle Parallel Processing

Parallel processing is becoming increasingly important to database computing. Databases often grow to enormous sizes and are accessed by huge numbers of users. This growth strains the ability of single-processor and single-computer systems to handle the load. More and more, organizations are turning to parallel processing technologies to give them the performance, scalability, and reliability they need.

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So You Want to Be an Oracle DBA?: Some Useful Information, Scripts and Suggestions for the New and Experienced Oracle DBA

This book is an excellent starting point for a new Oracle DBA. It explains the steps necessary to create an Oracle database. It then details several issues that are required in order to maintain the database. Several short Unix and SQL scripts are included to get the DBA off to a start. It also points the DBA to useful places to gain more knowledge.

A must-buy book for any Oracle DBA's library.

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