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Oracle DBA

Oracle Database Administration and Management Books

Oracle 10g Enterprise Handbook

Rather than being yet another 600-plus page manual that covers every aspect of Oracle, this book deviates from the model and concisely delivers both common sense theory and practical instructions that will enable you to efficiently perform Oracle Database Administration tasks meeting Enterprise environment requirements.

Oracle Database 11g DBA Handbook

The bestselling, comprehensive guide to Oracle database administration, fully revised for the new release

This essential resource for Oracle DBAs has been completely updated to cover the new features of Oracle Database 11g, the industry standard Web-enabled enterprise database system. Oracle Database 11g DBA Handbook details each topic with an emphasis on the big picture, enabling you to achieve effective and efficient database management.

Oracle Database 11g: New Features

Oracle Database 11g: New Features is a comprehensive, example-laden review of the most significant new features and improvements offered by the latest release of Oracle Corporation’s flagship database product.

Guide to Oracle 10g

Master Oracle's most recent database with this hands-on, step-by-step approach to teaching Oracle10g and application development tools.

So You Want to Be an Oracle Dba: Some More Useful Information, Scripts and Suggestions for the New and Experienced Oracle Dba

A compact easy to read technical guide that includes over 35 mini lessons that any DBA will find useful. This second edition has been newly updated for Oracle 8i version 3. It includes information on creating an Oracle database, backup recovery and tuning. It then moves onto some more advanced topics such as partitioning, outlines and LogMiner. Included are several new UNIX and SQL scripts that are easy to use and easy to understand. A great starting point for a new DBA and a must have reference guide for all DBA's.