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SAP R/3 and Oracle: Backup & Recovery

For any company implementing, upgrading or maintaining an SAP R/3 system, evaluating and addressing the requirements for, and problems associated with, backing up and recovering large database installations, is an essential exercise. Time, cost and efficiency pressures demand that once implemented, an R/3 system remains reliable and available at all times and that in the event of a disaster data can be recovered quickly and efficiently.

Oracle SAP Administration (O'Reilly Oracle)

Tailored to the needs of people who know Oracle, SAP R/3, or a little of both, Oracle SAP Administration explains the conventions and utilities that integrate these software tools before getting into optimization techniques and strategies for achieving increased data safety. Appropriately, author Donald Burleson emphasizes optimization of disk-access operations. He relates two methods for identifying I/O hotspots--specifically, he shows how to examine the Oracle file statistics and how to use Unix's iostat utility to get a picture of what's going on.

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e-Business for the Oracle DBA

This book focuses on discussing the issues that a DBA would face in extending existing systems for eBusiness. The book also discusses how DBAs can prepare themselves for the challenge. An example business 'DOeBIZ Corporation' is used to help the reader understand the various issues involved and how an Oracle DBA can deal with them.

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ebusiness or Out of Business: Oracle's Roadmap for Profiting in the New Economy

Leverage the power of the Internet

E-Business or Out of Business tells you how Oracle, a global leader in technological innovation and eTransformation, transformed itself to avoid being swallowed by the revolution it helped to launch. This guide is actually a detailed blueprint any company, including yours, can deploy, effectively using the Internet to institute its own global database, and compete successfully in the emerging digital economy. Author Mark Barrenechea, one of the executives who was central to Oracle's e-Transformation, tells you how to:

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e-Commerce Applications Using Oracle8i and Java From Scratch

In Building e-Commerce Database Applications Using Oracle8i and Java from scratch, Meghraj Thakkar takes novice web programmers through the process of creating a web-enabled database application. You will look at the requirements, analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment of an "Online Coffee Shop" from scratch. You will also learn to create database objects (tables and indexes), populate the database, and use SQL, PL/SQL and Java to manipulate the data.

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Oracle Database Administration: The Essential Reference

Oracle database administration requires a vast amount of information and an ability to perform a myriad of tasks--from installation to tuning to network troubleshooting to overall daily administration. Oracle provides many tools for performing these tasks; the trick is knowing what tool is right for the job, what commands you need to issue (and when), and what parameters and privileges you need to set. And, as every DBA knows, you need to know how do all this under pressure, while you face crisis after crisis.

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Special Edition Using Oracle 11i

The first part of Special Edition Using Oracle 11i introduces the Oracle ERP applications and R11i concepts. The reader is then educated on proven techniques for implementing these complex and integrated systems. Configuration and usage of each of the financial, distribution, manufacturing, HRMS, and projects applications are covered, followed by a discussion of working with Oracle Support, consulting firms, and compatible software vendors. The appendixes review the employment market, consulting opportunities, and provide the reader with an implementation checklist.

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Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Administration

From the official Oracle Press comes a comprehensive guide managing, customizing, and tuning this key component of the Oracle Applications Suite. You'll learn to install and update Oracle Financials, apply various patches, and much more using this essential resource.

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