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Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) and SAP/R3 Books

Workflow for Oracle E-Business Suite (Classroom Edition)

This book explains in the purpose of Oracle Workflow in the Oracle e-Business Suite. It is explained via step-by-step examples, with lots of screenshots. Workflow is not difficult, if you have good examples. And this book is packed with clear examples that you can easily copy for your purpose. The book can be used in a classroom, for giving a course. All chapters have exercises for up to ten students.

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SAP Database Administration with Oracle

This book provides administrators with essential information on Oracle databases as well as their interaction with SAP systems. First, you'll learn how best to plan or extend an effective, secure system landscape. The authors show you how to analyze and optimize the performance of hardware, operating system, database, and SAP system as well as which parameters and tools you can use to monitor them.

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Oracle Applications DBA Covers 11i and R12

Oracle Applications DBA covers all the pertinent aspects of administrating Oracle Applications—from installation to day-to-day maintenance. It covers upgrading, cloning, patching, maintenance and troubleshooting of the application system. Embellished with over 350 screenshots and illustrations, it helps in administrating complex Oracle Database in an easy-to-navigate format. To help readers manage Oracle Applications without much difficulty, a comprehensive discussion on upgrading Oracle Applications in Unix environment has been provided.

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Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g (Pro)

Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g shows how to take advantage of Oracle Database's built-in feature set for working with location-based data. A great deal of the information used in business today is associated with location in some way, and analysis of that data is becoming ever more important in today's mobile and highly connected world.

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Oracle Database 11g SQL

Master SQL in the Oracle environment

Covering the latest SQL enhancements in the new database release, this Oracle Press guide offers complete coverage of this standard database programming language.Through a wealth of practical examples, code samples, and programming tips, you will learn to master SQL as well as the Oracle extensions to SQL. No prior knowledge of the Oracle database, SQL, or PL/SQL is assumed.

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Oracle Database 11g New Features

Maximize the new features of Oracle Database 11g

This completely rewritten guide from Oracle Press details the revolutionary new features and tools available in Oracle Database 11g. You will quickly find out what's new in the latest database release, such as new high availability features, new security measures, and new BI tools, and learn how to maximize the potential of those capabilities. This is an ideal resource for decision-makers and IT staff preparing for upgrades or migration.

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Installing, Upgrading and Maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Release 11.5.10+ (or, Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

"Installing, Upgrading and Maintaining Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Release 11.5.10+" is OnCallDBA and Solution Beacon's latest collaboration. Topics include Release 11i Concepts and Architecture, Oracle10g, Installing Release 11i, Upgrading or Migrating to Release 11i, Maintaining Release 11i, Administering Release 11i, Securing Release 11i, Setting Up the Concurrent Manager, Using the Concurrent Manager, Release 11i Reporting, and Tuning and Troubleshooting.

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Oracle's E-Business Play : Hits and Misses

This IdeaBundle looks at Oracle as a player in the e-business space. With offerings for commerce, supply chain and other key functions, Oracle's ambitious initiatives have met with some successes but also with some challenges. Giga's analysts look at vision, execution, and partnerships in a series of penetrating looks across the portfolio. Don't make that decision until you read these. Read this IdeaBundle for an in-depth look at Oracle's e-business offerings.

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