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Technical Articles

Technical Oracle Articles

Trasliteration - Conversion of double/triple byte characters to single byte characters for various requirements

I recently came across a document where the requirement was to convert from triple/double byte characters to single byte characters to send it for export complaince check as the export compliance system can accept only single byte characters.
Basically the useful thing about this was they were using IBM ICU project(an open source project) for this process,so in a way making it more open to developers.
These were the pros and cons for IBM identified by them.
- No interface needed (written in Java, integrable in Oracle)
- High level of portability, flexibility and scalability
- No int

Heartbeat failed to connect to standby-11g Dataguard

Error:Heartbeat failed to connect to standby Error 12541
By using rdist command, one can copy Oracle's password file from primary site to physical standby site.

How to enter a single quotation mark in Oracle?

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Answer: Although this may be a undervalued question, I got many a search for my blog with this question. This is where I wanted to address this question elaborately or rather in multiple ways.

A Simple Introduction To XML

XML: XML is an acronym for ‘Extensible Markup Language’. It is used for defining data
elements on a webpage and business to business document. XML uses a similar tag
structure as HTML; however, whereas HTML defines how the elements are displayed,
XML defines what those elements contain.

Manually DB Creation with 11G

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Manually database creation is one of the more frequently performed actions of a professional DBA. And, with Oracle 11g it only takes a few minutes to do :)

The procedure is same as previous which we are used for 9i and 10g.

In this database creation I used below features:

1. OMF (Oracle Managed File) for datafiles, redolog files & controlfiles
2. FRA (Flash Recovery Area) for Archivelog or backup files
3. ASM (Automatic Storage Mgmt) for Volume manager

1. Create Required Directories

E:\>mkdir e:\oracle\ORA11G

How Oracle Works

Before commencing to read this article, I would suggest you to go through the Oracle Database Architecture ( Oracle Database Architecture ) Article to gain insight about the oracle various structures.

The following example describes the most basic level of operations that Oracle performs.

Pl/Sql Server Pages

Oracle PL/SQL Server Pages (PSP) is Oracle's PL/SQL dynamic server-side scripting solution for Web application development. Oracle PSP includes the PL/SQL Server Pages Compiler and the PL/SQL Web Toolkit. Oracle PSP enables PL/SQL users to develop Web pages with dynamic content by embedding PL/SQL scripts in HTML. PSPs separate application logic (embedded PL/SQL scripts) from the layout logic (HTML) making the development and maintenance of PL/SQL Server Pages easy.

Impact of US Daylight saving changes on Oracle

Well, just for a briefing, since 1966, most of the United States has observed Daylight Saving Time from at 2:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of April to 2:00 a.m. on the last Sunday of October. But in 2007, most of the U.S. will begin Daylight Saving Time at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in March and revert to standard time on the first Sunday in November.

So, Oracle has released patches to adapt these Daylight saving time changes. The databases that are using the following will be impacted…

1. Databases using TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE and TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE data types and TZ_OFFSET function as they take their time zone information from Oracle's time zone files.

Oracle 10gR2 RAC on Windows Server x64 and Comparison with RHEL

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Recently Performance Tuning compared Oracle 10gR2 RAC on Windows Server 2003 x64 vs. RHEL. You can download the paper from

The following behavior was observed during testing of the Oracle RAC databases on Red
Hat Enterprise Linux x86_64 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enter:
Oracle RAC Stress Test
o Transactions Per Minute were roughly equivalent for 2 - 150 user sessions.
o Transactions Per Minute were up to 16% higher for MS Windows for 150
- 250 users.
o CPU usage was above 90% for all of these tests for both Linux and MS
Windows Server.
o The response times for the “New Company Registration” test component

Oracle Menu - a very useful shell script

Hi there,

I have never joined an Oracle forum before so hello.

I have just spent the last 9 years of my life working for Oracle Consulting UK. I am now contracting in the Cayman Islands.

I spent a lot of time writing a shell script and wondered if you'd like to see it. it really can save you a lot of time and is a nice cockpit to navigate around in.

works great for no database, core, or 11i (eBus)

tell me what you think:

it only runs on unix (ksh) or bash with a very simple documented mod. I even coded it around pdksh's bugs (rightmost pipe not in current process).