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11i - AX - Why Customer/Supplier Merge is erring out?

From AX User Guide,

The Global Accounting Engine does not support the following actions during a Customer or Supplier Merge because they violate reconciliation principles ensured by Global Accounting Engine reports:

  • Deleting a customer after a merge.
  • Creating accounting entries after a multiple merge.
  • Merging unsuccessfully, such as a merge in Payables where only some of the invoices have been merged.
  • Merging suppliers, when the new supplier site code already exists in another organization that has the same set of books ID.
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R12 - GL / XLA / FAH - How to disable Create Reporting Sequence Number (which used to run when a period is closed in GL)?

Note that if Create Reporting Sequence Number is disabled, Reporting Sequences will not be generated in GL/SLA.

1. Log in as sysadmin user.
2. Choose the responsibility Workflow Administrator Web Applications.
3. Select the page Business Events.
4. Search for "" (enter this in the name field and press Go).
5. Click on Subscription
6. Update the Event, which is having the function as "xla_reporting_sequence_pkg.period_close".
7. Make it Disable.

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11i - AX - Why my Transaction has been accounted without Journal Entries?

AX (Global Accounting Engine) creates journal entries only when the accounted amount is not equal to Zero.

As AX summarizes the journal entries by Plan Name (Accounting Class), Code Combination Id, Third Pary Id and Sub Id, if the accounted amount becomes zero, in those cases AX won't create Journal Entries.

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R12 - XLA / FAH - Create Accounting is giving output as Blank

Hope you haven't selected Report parameter as "No Report".

Create Accounting has mainly two templates.

"Subledger Accounting Program Report - Standard" inturn calls "Subledger Accounting Program Report - Sub Template".
"Subledger Accounting Program Report - Sub Template" is a sub template and shouldn't be used directly while submiting the Create Accounting.

If the output is blank, the template needs to be crosschecked, which is available in the Options Button of the SRS window.

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How to get the version of the files?

For Packages:

   SELECT text
   FROM all_source
   WHERE name = UPPER('&package_name')
   AND line = 2;

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Is count(*) giving 0 rows? (Or) Isn't SELECT giving desired output?

Are you using MO view like ap_invoices?
  For all org_ids' data      -> Use ap_invoices_all
  For specific org_id's data -> 11i -> dbms_application_info.set_client_info(&org_id);
                                R12 -> mo_global.set_policy_context('S',&org_id);

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R12 - GL / XLA / FAH - How to link GL data to the subledger data or vice versa

gl_je_lines (je_header_id, je_line_num)                -> gl_import_references (je_header_id, je_line_num)

gl_import_references (gl_sl_link_table, gl_sl_link_id) -> xla_ae_lines (gl_sl_link_table, gl_sl_link_id)

xla_ae_lines (applicaiton_id, ae_header_id)            -> xla_ae_headers (application_id, ae_header_id)

xla_ae_headers (application_id, event_id)              -> xla_events (application_id, event_id)

xla_events (application_id, entity_id)                 -> xla.xla_transaction_entities (application_id, entity_id)

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R12 - XLA / FAH - Create Accounting (with Transfer to GL parameter as Yes) is not transferring all the journal entries to GL

Create Accounting (with Transfer to GL parameter as Yes) will transfer only the journal entries to GL, which have been created by the same Create Accounting run.
To transfer the journal entries to GL, which have been accounted by previous Create Accounting (with Transfer to GL parameter as No) runs, "Transfer Journal Entries to GL" concurrent program needs to be run.

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R12 - XLA / FAH - Difference between Draft, Final, etc in Create Accounting / Online Accounting

Online Accounting: (For single entity / transaction)

Only few subledgers are providing this feature.


Intercompany Setups and Sample Transaction Processing using Oracle Projects

Client Industry - Professional Services Firm implementing Oracle Project Accounting which has Global Operations.

Business Case - Canadian employee travels to US to work on a US project. Canadian employee needs to bill time and expenses for the US Project and the US Project Manager has to pay the Canadian office for the Canadian employees work on the US project.

Setups to support Intercompany Billing:
The setup steps are divided into the following phases:



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