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A little birdy told me

iAdvise - Thu, 2014-03-13 21:42
One of two things always inspire me; Bunnies and Birds. I've talked about bunnies in several previous articles on another site, so now it's time for the birds! Once again Folksy makers and sellers have outdone themselves with amazing birdy related items. Here's a selection of my favorites;Below is an amazingly beautiful and detailed clutch purse from notes, in a super summery sunshine yellow.These super kawaii Birdy Amigurumi Toys from Owl on the Sill are so adorable! Love their little birdy quiffs;Jiji Kiki comes top trumps again with this vintage love birds necklace. Look at the cute heart beads detailing;I'm a big fan of papercraft, and Under the Stairs Studios creates some of the most inventive paper circuses I've ever seen. Would make a great deluxe birthday card!Molly's Mum is a shop that's been on my radar for a while now, everything is so wonderfully made with fabulous fabrics and attention to detail. Make sure you check out the owl brooches too;Who doesn't love Jemima Lumley's Jewellery? I bet these earrings look stunning on, and even better with one of the matching birdy necklaces also available;For all of us who have a button stash, these would make a welcome addition I'm sure. Handmade by Mollimoo (aka Chumley) these buttons are also available in blue;Upcycling is everywhere, even this article can't escape it! Here's the upcycled item for this selection, check out the cute ribbon tails; from Kerli;I truly admire ceramists, as my clay creations are truly horrendous! This pair of lovebird bowls from Prince Design UK would be a simply stunning wedding gift, timeless and elegant.Now I realise this is a little cheeky, but what the heck. For the first (and most likely last) time here's one of my items. Understand that this is mearly to prove the point I stated at the beginning of this article, that I gain inspiration from birds. So to the point, here is a set of my birdy badges;Aside from my shameless self promotion at the end (feel free to ignore it) I hope you like my selection of beautiful birdy items fresh from the pages of Folksy this month. Since I found so many wonderful bird based items I intend to follow this artilce up with a 'part 2' sometime in the future. But for now, don't let these unique handmade creations fly away without you. Many thanks to all those who suggested items,Aleximo, xXx
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Jammy Dodgers and Creativi-tea!

iAdvise - Thu, 2014-03-13 09:42
Well, this is quite an honour to be here and to be writing my first blog for . Normally I would celebrate in some way, perhaps with a large cup of tea and a jammy dodger biscuit. For those of you who already know me, I do have rather a reputation for liking the occasional cup of tea ...... OK, I admit it, LOTS of tea!!! The odd jammy dodger biscuit makes an appearance as well, although not for long and certainly not as often as I would like them to!So, in recognition of being asked to blog for '' and very much in honour of my love for tea and jammy dodgers, I have put together a treasury of beautiful and inspiring pieces of work from the very talented and creative people of Folksy. To me, these pieces show how a truly creative person can draw inspiration from everyday, possibly mundane, items to produce something inspiring, uplifting and desired by many. I hope you will enjoy my lighthearted journey through the pages of Folksy and share in the appreciation of these unique and inspired pieces of work.I love the quirkiness of this print and the fact that it depicts the typically British tradition of tea drinking. The use of cockney rhyming slang can't help but make you smile. 7 x 5" mounted print 'Rosy Lee' by Artwork by AngieWhat can I say? It really does look good enough to eat!Jammy Dodger Pendant by CutiePiesI chose this because the fluid lines of the teaspoon lend themselves perfectly to the shape of a ring. I love the concept of recycling the odd, or unwanted, teaspoons to breathe new life into them. It reminds me of a mobile I once bought for my kitchen, that was made entirely from recycled cutlery.Sterling Silver Teaspoon Ring by Sophie Marie Smith DesignThese would certainly make bath time more fun!Biscuit Soap Set - Oreo, Jammy Dodger, Custart Cream & Bourbon - yummy fun food soap - vegan and suitable for sensitive skinI love these! Lino printing reminds me of early craft experiences at school and these cards inspire me to maybe try it again one day.Teapot Linoprint Cards, Set of 4Although not strictly tea, or jammy dodger related, this gorgeous little chap appeared in my search and he does have a somewhat striking resemblance to a certain biscuit!Tubby Love Cat (Dark Brown) by Quernus CraftsAnother quirky one. I love the individuality of this brooch.Square Wooden Teapot Brooch by Kettle of FishI like the bold simplicity of the design on this one and the sentiment obviously!"I love tea"! Mug, Red by Quite Contrary CraftsThis is just so striking and a great combination of different styles that work together so well. A really eyecatching teapot, but also an amazing piece of art. You would definately want to get this one out if Hyacinth Bucket came round for tea and SO much nicer than her hand painted periwinkle set!Tin Can Teapot by Rebecca Sims Ceramics
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Wrapped up in a Bow

iAdvise - Wed, 2014-03-12 21:42
Well there are plenty of Christmas gift guides out there, but what about the wrapping? I personally love wrapping presents, I try to do something new each year - this year I'm using tissue paper, heart stickers, organza bags with fabric cloth wraps. I'm trying to stay away from commercial papers and raid my fabric stash instead. I might as well do a little to save the planet whilst I'm taking my Handmade Pledge!Although why shouldn't your Handmade Pledge extend to the wrapping? Those talented Folksters have come up top trumps again, here are a few of my favs.A relatively new seller The Copper Swallow makes some delightful greetings cards and paper goods. These gift tags remind me of brown paper parcels and postcards from far away lands, available in packs of five.These pretty gift boxes from Bazzil's Great Adventure would be great to package up some special jewellery or a little bottle of perfume. Loving the chrysanthemum print too.I'd never thought of making the tape a feature of my wrapping before, well not until I saw this tape anyway! Would look great over silver, gold, brown or cream paper, pick up a roll from Magic Alice.These mini tins would be perfect for a teeny stocking filler, you could fill them with beads for a fellow crafter, a little bit of pocket money for an advent calendar, or even some sweeties. What ever you decide to use them for, you can get them from The Jazzy Jewelz Studio.I've already mentioned fabric wraps, but these ones are stunning. Made by, who else, myfuroshiki, these wraps can be used again and again. I think they'd look beautiful framed too.This luxury paper ribbon from Lupin Handmade would look fab around a home baked Christmas cake, or as the finishing touch to a pretty parcel.Each of these gorgeous manilla paper tags from Charlotte Macey Textiles is drawn and pained by hand. Now there's a truly unique tag for your pressies! Quite frankly these are so cute I'd be tempted to hang them on my tree as decorations.Hopefully your head will be brimming with festive and unique gift wrapping ideas ready just in time for Christmas. As always all items are available to purchase through Folksy, just click the shop name links, and let me know what you think with a comment below.Best of festive greetings to you! (even if it's still November!)
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Mary had a little lamb

iAdvise - Wed, 2014-03-12 09:42
The uber cute lambing season is well and truly over, which is all the more reason to showcase our very own Fabulous Folksy Flock (and be careful how you say that!)White Towelling Sheep by ComingAroundAgainLinen Lambs Knitting Bag/Tote by Roselands BagsCrazy Sheep Card by Aileen Clark CraftsWelsh Sheep in Snow Photograph by GregHowesSheep resin necklace by PennyDog JewelleryAlly's Herdwicks by Ally's Baa-BaasHappy Sheep Brooch by PatsParaphernaliaSpring lamb by NiftyKnitsSheep Brooch by Minifeltslamb animal hood by Doodles in the MarginWell, that wasn't too baa-d was it?! It's not all just about sheep thrills, you know. But all's wool that end's wool. (I'll stop now. Promise.)
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More Neu Vintage

iAdvise - Tue, 2014-03-11 21:42
Lets start with an apology, I'm sorry this post is so late. Having a hectic saturday craft fair, and spending the preceding week getting all my stock ready, I ran out of time to write my biweekly blog post. But on the upside - exhibiting last saturday, at the Handmade Vintage and Craft fair at Manchester Universities Student Union, gave me the inspiration for this post.So enjoy part deux of Neu Vintage, fresh from the pages of Folksy.These earrings from Love Ruby Red evoke memories of my Grandma's button box, that and they're so darn cute! Loving the heart shaped price stickers too.The perfect purse for a road trip - gives me a hankering to drive across America. Beautiful detail and quirky retro-ness from Workwise Textiles.Statement necklaces and ridiculously large beads are covering the high street right now for the autumn/winter season. So step away from the crowd and buy a handmade one-off from the lovely Chiyo.Cameo's are big this season too, but bet you've never seen a felt version before. The silver chain stitch round the edge really finishes these brooches off, get one quick from Zazar's Bazaar.I've recently learnt how to knit leaves, but IngridNation has come up with a very elegant solution of how to wear them - a classic corsage. Ingrid will also make you a custom corsage in a colour of your choosing.Get a kitchy fix - get a ceramic gummy bear pendant from Nifty Thrifty. Evocative of post school sweet shop visits and those mini packs of Haribo.Party season is rapidly approaching, go vintage this year and team a 50's style dress with this retro fascinator from Falcon. Or you could just wear it round the house when you need a bit of glamour.This Retro Mouse likes cheddar cheese, and how cute is the vintage flower fabric he's made from? Needs a good home, and cheese, from Needles and Buttons.Thanks to all the lovely sellers for being so creative, and thankyou to you for reading until the end. Not long now until its time for Christmas gift guides! But maybe some of these Neu Vintage items will make it on to your list?
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Exclusive Gifts for Christmas

iAdvise - Tue, 2014-03-11 09:42
Welcome to the first of our seasonal gift guides here on , we've started early so you can plan early! I've selected my favourite luxury gifts for you to drool over and covet madly, although I would love for a few of these beauties to end up under someone's tree (preferable mine).So enjoy these high end picks from the lovely makers and crafts people of Folksy, and leave a comment at the end if you have a moment.First up this amazingly gorgeous Mulberry chair from Bonnie and Jackson, isn't it just the picture of Christmas by a log fire with the scent of pipe tobacco and pine cones?In at two, a very unique idea for elegant jewellery from I can't remember my grandma's name. I love how you get the plate the pieces came from included to use as a display/jewellery keeper.A silver family book pendant from Ali Bali Jewellery would make a very special gift for Mum or Grandma, and a wonderful heirloom too.I've been fascinated with the papier mache bowls of Amelia Green Heart ever since I saw them on the front page, a wonderful piece of contemporary art for the home.I can't help but think of The Magicians Nephew and Narnia when I see the stunning apple with insect from Silverfruit. I don't know how its made, but I like it a lot.Awkward mother-in-law? Got a big budget but not sure what to buy? Then this beaded lace mohair shawl from The Crafty Bride could be in answer. Incredibly delicate and detailed, yet light as a feather, this shawl can not fail to impress.How about some craft based art to cheer up his study? This oak picture with spring flowers from Jane Blease Design is a lovely cheery piece, with a great sense of craftsmanship and detail.Teenage niece or daughter to buy for? These luminous peacock bright feather earrings from Still Tree are just the ticket. Metallic and rich colours are so on trend from AW2010 and SS2011 dah-link!
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I'll Put a Spell on You!

iAdvise - Mon, 2014-03-10 21:42
Halloween is here again! The spooky reminder of hearty Autumnal Feasts, and the precursor to the Christmas rush. This is a super-bumper-jam-packed edition of FoF, so if you don't mind I'm going to jump straight in.First of all, Halloween Jewellery;I found this shop a while ago, and I love their quirky gothic jewellery. This pumkin necklace is awesome, loving the black chain, from Antoninette Jewellery & Accessories.At only �4.00 this ghosty necklace is a real bargain from MustDestroyJewellery, don't forget to check out the other items in this shop - the cherry and rubix cube necklaces are amazing.Werewolves and Vampires, the eternal battle entwined in this superbly effective bat and full moon necklace from Ich Bin. Ich mag Ich Bin!Glitter, bats, resin, need I say more? This brooch pin from Cherryloco ticks all my Halloween boxes.Like many other people I've gone slightly Owl mad of late, and this ring from All.Beauteous.Things is just too cute.Zombies, another Halloween favourite. Join the Halloween Zombie March this year and wear a Zombie necklace from Finest Imaginary.I was a bit of a Lego fiend as a child, and the skeletons and treasure chests in my Lego castle were my prized possessions. Probably explains why I like this necklace from Ducky Charms Jewellery so much.and now to Halloween Plushies!;These finger puppets from MuNGBEANS look a little more happy than scary, but I love them all the same. Everyone needs a joyous Zombie every now and again.Itty Bitty Scary Pumpkin Kitty from theothermousie, I've already bought one of Sarah's Dr Strangebones kitties, and am very tempted to partake of this one too.Dem bones dem bones, and a super amazing Jeffery Sock Dog from Hotdog and Me. This one may look a little dead, but he'll chase a bone faster than you can say Bone Daddy.This zombie plushie from Tee Originals is a little misunderstood. He may get cravings for brains but jam covered spaghetti might just keep him satisfied.Stitcher Scribbler has a wonderful selection of Halloween pins and plushies, last few remaining, so snap them up quick if you want one!This knitted ghostie comes from Peggy's Knits, great for Halloween - but since he's so cute I'd leave him out all year.I think the Halloween Jeffery Sock Dog would enjoy chasing this bone around the garden. Get one now from Helen Jane's Designs.Who says the only option for female Halloween fancy dress is slutty or old witch? Glam it up 50's style with this fascinator from Lauren & Grace. Also available in silver.The Cotton Potter has hatched upon an ingenious idea, turn useful jars into something a little more beautiful. Naturally there's a Halloween version too;Phew! Bit of a marathon post this time! I hope you enjoyed, and thank you if you're still reading at the end. Thought and comments below, I know I love all these items - would love to know which are your favourites. And finally, have a Happy Halloween!
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Data Warehouse for Big Data: Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out

Dylan Wan - Thu, 2014-01-02 15:33

Found a very good paper:

This paper discuss if it is a right approach of using Hadoop as the analytics infrastructure.

It is hard to argue with the industry trend.  However, Hadoop is not
new any more.  It is time for people to calm down and rethink about the
real benefits.

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Forms Resizer tool for free!

Francois Degrelle - Mon, 2013-12-30 04:41

Merry Christmas to everybody :)

This year, my present will be the Forms Resizer tool free for you!

You can use, play, modify and deploy it as you need and as you want. There is no license at all attached to it.

But, I won't continue to update, maintain it in any way, so there will not be any new version, any support, and I won't respond to any question about it.

Get the Forms Resizer tool for free there


Enterprise vs Consumer HDDs

Charles Lamb - Wed, 2013-12-18 10:23
Backblaze has two interesting blog posts about enterprise vs consumer
drives. Their conclusions are that drives fail either when they're
young, or when they're old, but not when they're in mid-life. They also
found no real difference failure rates between the two classes.

This blog is now closed.

Billy Cripe - Mon, 2013-10-14 12:14

Thank you for visiting.  This blog has been closed down and merged with the WebCenter Blog, which contains blog posts and other information about ECM, WebCenter Content, the content-enabling of business applications and other relevant topics.  Please be sure to visit and bookmark and subscribe to stay informed about these topics and many more.   From there, use the #ECM hashtag to narrow your focus to topics that are strictly related to ECM.

See you there! 

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What will America pay for H1-B Jobs

Nilesh Jethwa - Wed, 2013-09-04 14:59

The H1b program will pay a sum of $60,374,682,695 that is roughly $60 Billion US dollars over a period of next three years. A total of 300,000 candidates were approved for h1-b visa. Around 8000 applications were rejected, around 9000 applications were withdrawn and around 26000 applications were approved but later withdrawn.

Read more H1B- Visa analysis


Something for the future

Dominic Giles - Thu, 2013-07-18 05:46

A nice little feature in Oracle Database 12c is to query patching information via SQL. You can do this from SQLPlus or any other SQL interface jdbc/odbc etc. You can find more details here

However you won't be surprised to find that the following query doesn't currently return any useful information.

SYS@//oracle12c/orcl > select DBMS_QOPATCH.GET_OPATCH_LIST from dual;

RAC aware SLOB2 analyze script (Flash DBA)

Jeff Moss - Mon, 2013-07-15 10:02

I’ve been using the very useful scripts from FlashDBA to run SLOB2 on our new system, but unfortunately the analyze one is not RAC aware, so I’ve modified it, in very minor ways, such that it can use an AWR Global report (awrgrpt.sql) as input and still extract the same values that the original does.

I call the script

Here is an example run – ignore the numbers as they are not representative of anything in particular. ./ rac_awr_12jul2013/awr.20.032/awr.20.032.txt > slob.csv
Info : Analyzing file rac_awr_12jul2013/awr.20.032/awr.20.032.txt
Info : Filename = awr.20.032.txt
Info : Update Pct = 20
Info : Workers = 032
Info : Read IOPS = 85.8
Info : Write IOPS = 33.0
Info : Redo IOPS = 15.6
Info : Total IOPS = 134.4
Info : Read Num Waits = 712
Info : Read Wait Time = 0.58
Info : Read Latency us = 814.606
Info : Write Num Waits = 926
Info : Write Wait Time = 0.28
Info : Write Latency us = 302.375
Info : Redo Num Waits = 2043
Info : Redo Wait Time = 0.37
Info : Redo Latency us = 181.106
Info : Num CPUs = 384
Info : Num CPU Cores = 192
Info : Num CPU Sockets = 24
Info : Linux Version = Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago)
Info : Kernel Version = 2.6.32-279.2.1.el6.x86_64
Info : Processor Type = Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7- 2830 @ 2.13GHz
Info : SLOB Run Time = 300
Info : SLOB Work Loop = 0
Info : SLOB Scale = 10000
Info : SLOB Work Unit = 256
Info : SLOB Redo Stress = LIGHT
Info : SLOB Shared Data Mod = 0
Info : No more files found
Info : =============================
Info : AWR Files Found = 1
Info : AWR Files Processed = 1
Info : Errors Experienced = 0
Info : =============================

Jonathan Lewis has a nice article covering the different AWR Reports.

I’ve only tested it on the system at work and it seems to work OK – your mileage may vary and I’d be happy to hear comments to the contrary, in relation to the changes I’ve made for use on RAC, but obviously the script is still 99% unchanged, so please contact FlashDBA if there are any generic issues you want to raise.

I’m not a unix shell script guy, but it seems to work…see what you think.

SQL Translator Profiles in Oracle Database 12c

Dominic Giles - Mon, 2013-07-08 10:19

A new feature in Oracle Database 12c is the ability to intercept and translate third party SQL to Oracle syntactically correct SQL  before it is parsed and executed. So you can now intercept SQL from applications using jdbc and odbc that were designed to run against a non Oracle database and potentially run them completely unchanged. The only work necessary is done by the database development/management team. In Oracle Database 12c we also currently support the automatic translation of some databases SQL. Currently this is limited to Sybase but we're working on others. You can find all the details here

You can also use the frame work against an application that already successfully runs against an Oracle Database. You might want to do this for migration/performance/security reasons. It also gives you an opportunity to try out an important part of the framework "Translation Profiles".

The following SQL demonstrates a simple use case. I'm using the Swingbench Order Entry schema but the sample schema OE would work just as well.

First grant the privilege to the user you want to create the SQL profile on in this case SOE. You need to do this as sys or system

grant create sql translation profile to SOE

Then connect to the user you've just granted the privilege to (SOE) and create a SQL Translation profile.

-- Drop the profile if it already exists

-- Create a Translation Profile

exec dbms_sql_translator.create_profile('ORDERS_APP_PROFILE');

Then add some SQL to be translated. In our simple example we are translating a count against the ORDERS table and translating it to run against the ORDERS_SOUTH table

-- Create a Translation in that profile

      profile_name    => 'ORDERS_APP_PROFILE',
      sql_text        => 'select count(*) from orders',
      translated_text => 'select count(*) from orders_south');

At this stage it's worth seeing whats been populated. You can see the SQL via the following views.



Then test how this changes the execution by creating our new "ORDERS_SOUTH" table

-- Count the rows we get back from orders
select count(*) from orders;

-- Create a new table  orders_south with just ten rows in

create table orders_south as select * from orders where rownum < 11;

Now we've done that enable the sql translation profile we want to use

-- Set the session to use the sql translation profile

alter session set sql_translation_profile = ORDERS_APP_PROFILE

-- For testing make the sqlplus look like a foreign tool

alter session set events = '10601 trace name context forever, level 32';

Now when we re run our query it will use the ORDERS_SOUTH table even though we've explicitly asked for a count against the ORDERS table.

select count(*) from orders;

-- We should just see 10 rows as opposed to hundreds of thousands

And thats a quick example of SQL Translator profiles in Oracle Database 12c 

Going Production...

Dominic Giles - Thu, 2013-07-04 12:48

This blog is going production... Just like Oracle Database 12c.

 Comments and code snippets to follow

Quiet Release MySQL Plugin — bug fixes

Alex Gorbachev - Tue, 2012-12-11 12:30
This is just a small bug fix release of the plugin. It was actually quietly released for a while now of if you have downloaded the plugin recently, you have the latest version. To be sure — check the version in the Console or you will see it in the file name. There are two [...]
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Movember 2012: The ‘stache returns!

Dan Norris - Tue, 2012-10-30 07:16

In 2011, I joined many others in the Movember event for the first time. This is a fund-raising effort where participants grow a mustache for the month of November and collect donations to support men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancers. Individuals can participate on their own or as a team, but no matter what you donate, it all goes to the same place. In my first year, I managed to collect $754 from 15 donors! Hopefully, I’ll exceed my previous year’s fundraising this year…just not sure what mustache style will bring in the most money yet?!

To see photo updates of how my ‘stache is coming along and to make donations, go to my page on Movember. Thanks for any donation you can make!

IOUG Big Data SIG — Kick-off Meeting at OOW12

Alex Gorbachev - Thu, 2012-09-27 16:47
Announcing the IOUG Big Data Special Interest Group (SIG)! We have the SIG meeting at Oracle Open World — come join us with you morning coffee. Nothing better than starting your Big morning with Big Data talks! Yes — we actually managed to get the room at this busy times at OOW thanks to IOUG. [...]
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IOUG Collaborate 2013 — Call for Speakers Informational Webinar

Alex Gorbachev - Tue, 2012-09-11 04:28
As I’ve become Director of Communities for IOUG recently, I’m intimately involved in many aspects of leading IOUG community. One of the area the user group is pursuing all the time is finding the new speakers and that takes some part of convincing the community members to actually start presenting. There are many of you [...]
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