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Published primarily for Oracle Priority Support customers, the Oracle Infogram is an unofficial news source that combines the best of the Oracle blogs, both inside and outside the firewall, links to useful Metalink notes, announcements, etc. Comments are welcome. We want this to be a place for dialog as well as news.
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<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Mon, 2014-05-19 13:41
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

America's Cup 2010 Winner Comes Home
OK, this is not technical at all.  But, it is really cool.  Watch how they moved USA 17 Trimaran, the 2010 America's Cup winner, to the lake at Oracle Corporate Headquarters.  It involves a huge helicopter:

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 14-MAY-2014

Wed, 2014-05-14 14:23

From The Arup Nanda Blog: Restoring Controlfile When AUTOBACKUP Fail.
From Integrigy: PreInstall RPM Makes Oracle Database Installation Easy.
From My Possible Pasts: Index Health Check.
From DBA Kevlar: OEM After Hours Notification Schedule Option- Part I.
Oracle Multitenant
Topic:  Oracle Multitenant: Configuration and Customization Fundamentals-20140410 1448-1 Recording date:  Thursday, April 10, 2014 10:48 am
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) Panelist Information: 
Duration:  1 hour 30 minutes Description:  This one-hour session is recommended for technical Managers and DBA's who are looking into the potential benefits of using Oracle Multitenant . The session will cover some base operations for a Multitenant setup but the main focus will be on guidance to the customization options
Topics include:
* Brief Overview over the Multitenant Architecture
* Customize Oracle Multitenant for your Needs

Internet of Things
Can you say buzzword? The blogosphere is awash in article on the Internet of Things (IoT, as opposed, I suppose, to iOS):
Plug into the Internet of Things - Webinar, from Oracle Fusion Middleware.
The Emerging Operating System for the Internet of Things, from database trends and applications.
And from CiOL: Oracle announces Internet of Things Developer Challenge.
From Security Inside Out: Human Error is Greatest Risk to Data Security...
From Wim Coekaerts Blog: Unbreakable Linux Network APIs available.
Working with Oracle Security Token Service in an Architecture Involving Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Service Bus, from the SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog.
stackoverflowis a very useful site. Here is an Oracle-related example: Connecting to Oracle Database through C#?
Oracle on the Mac
From Mac Update: Information on how to create SQL graphically with SQL Editor.
Check out the latest news from the Oracle Applications Users Group: OAUG News.
7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with CSS, from The David Walsh Blog, by way of Eddie Awad's Tweetage.
From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:
Demantra Install & Configure
How to Create Invoices from iSupplier
Negative Usage Billing in Service Contracts
OPM LCM integration Key Setup Analyzer
Demantra Engine on Linux Install, Upgrade Troubleshooting Whitepaper
HRMS 11i Rollup Patch 9 (17774746) is Released

Are you a data scientist, or strive to be one? Do you need to hire one? Some thoughts from CIO: 4 qualities to look for in a data scientist.

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Mon, 2014-05-12 13:06
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

My Oracle Support Accreditation
The My Oracle Support Accreditation Series delivers a targeted learning experience designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support core functions and build skills to help you leverage solutions, tools, and knowledge.  Advanced accreditation in the technical areas such as Database and E-Business Suite is also available.  Learn more at Note:1583898.1.

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 08-MAY-2014

Thu, 2014-05-08 14:34

EPM Videos
Some good EPM videos out on YouTube from OracleEPMWebcasts.
From DZone: Debugging Oracle ADF Mobile Applications: Part I.
From the A-Team Chronicles: Oracle GoldenGate: Logdump.
Okay, this article from Database Journal describes how you can do something. I'd be interested in seeing what our readers think about it. Sounds like something you can do...but why would you want to? You can take off the safeties off on power tools too...but do you really want to? Modifying a Primary Key Index in Oracle 11.2.0.x.
From The Arup Nanda Blog: Restoring Controlfile When AUTOBACKUP Fail.
From Kyle Hailey: Cloning Oracle RAC in 5 minutes.
A history of NL (Nested Loops) from the Oracle Scratchpad.
SQL Developer
From that JEFF SMITH: Oracle SQL Developer: Configuring Object DDL Scripts.
and an announcement: Oracle SQL Developer & Data Modeler v4.0.2 Are Now Available.
From Online Apps DBA: Backing up and restoring a small directory : OID 11g.
From the A-Team Chronicles: How Oracle Identity Manager Uses MDS.
Global Desktop
From Oracle's Virtualization Blog: Announcement: Patch Set Updates (PSUs) for Oracle Secure Global Desktop releases.
From Oracle E-Business Suite Technology:
Three Essential Reference Tools for E-Business Suite Upgrades.
Plans for Certifying Internet Explorer 11 with Oracle E-Business Suite
EBS R12 Pre-Install RPM Available for Oracle Linux 5 and 6
After Windows XP and Office 2003: E-Business Suite Implications
Best Practices for Deploying EBS 12.2 on Oracle Database Appliance
From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog
Visit our Consolidated List of iSupplier Portal Code Fixes
Webcast: Lockbox Basics: Setup, Data Model & Troubleshooting
Are you using Import Standard Purchase Orders Program or Import Price Catalog Program?
Configuration Validation Resulted In Error(s) While Booking
May 21st Webcast: Task Management with Oracle Warehouse Management
Procurement Enhancement Request Community
US HRMS Customers Needing to Comply with 2014 OFCCP Section 503 & VEVRAA Regulations
Logistics Consolidated RUP9 Patch Released
Customer Service
From the New School Marketing Blog: Nice to tweet you: 3 ways to use Twitter for customer service.

...and Finally
From Smithsonian Science: Astronomers create first realistic virtual universe. I wonder if you can rent it out for parties?

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Tue, 2014-05-06 12:40
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Oracle Magazine
The May - June issue of Oracle Magazine is now available.  Learn about Oracle Cloud Application Foundation, Java 8, Nonstop Partition Operations and more.  

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 01-MAY-2014

Thu, 2014-05-01 16:53

From ORACLE-BASE: Capture Privilege Usage (DBMS_PRIVILEGE_CAPTURE) in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1).
Whitepaper at OTN: Performant and scalable data loading with Oracle Database 12c.
SQL Developer
From our favorite source of SQL Developer lore, that JEFF SMITH: Oracle SQL Developer’s Best Kept Secret: Reports.
An Exadata oldie but goodie from DBA Kevlar: Exadata Optimization Tips.
Pythondiscusses defusedxml 0.4.1 and XML security.
Okay, we all knew this in our heart of hearts, but Lifehacker finally wrote out the words: All Code Is Bad, So Don't Stress If Yours Sucks.
Oracle Support
Don't forget to check in on Chris Warticki's excellent #Oracle News, Info and Support site from time to time!
From ArchBeat: Podcast Show Notes: SOA and Cloud - Where's This Relationship Going?
From the Commerce Anywhere Blog: Personalization for Retail.
From Tyler Muth's Blog: Create Bigfile Tablespace – Oracle Managed Files (OMF).
From the Brendan Tierney - Oralytics Blog: Oracle Text and Oracle Data Miner.
From Tools Journal: Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0 Launched, Extends Security, Performance, And Usability
Free Stuff
Free eBook from DABCC: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Installation Guide on Linux.

...and Finally
Archaeologist Could Have Discovered the Tomb of Alexander the Great, from World News Daily. If this proves true (and they already found his father's tomb, so I think they actually have DNA to work with), this could be a huge discovery. Of course the folks at the archaeology museum in Istanbul where I saw the 'sarcophagus of Alexander the Great' may find it a bit unsettling.
From PolicyMic: 15 Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out Tell a Bigger Story.

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Mon, 2014-04-28 11:47
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Mark Hurd Discusses Impact of Big Data on Our World

On a recent visit to Baylor University in Texas, Oracle President Mark Hurd talked to students about the impact of big data on our world.
Watch the video.

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 24-APR-2014

Thu, 2014-04-24 16:57

From Julian Dontcheff's Database Blog: Online reorganization enhancements in Oracle 12c.
From The Oracle Instructor: Initialization Parameter Handling for Pluggable Databases in #Oracle 12c.
Oracle Database 12c New Partition Maintenance Features, from Insights from an Oracle University Classroom.
Oracle Database 12c: Introduction to a Multitenant Environment with Tom Kyte.
From Richard Foote's Oracle Blog: Estimate Index Size With Explain Plan (I Can’t Explain).

Cloud Computing
From the SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog: Cloud Integration – A Comprehensive Solution,White Paper.
From the WebLogic Partner Community EMEA blog: Mobile Design Patterns with Oracle ADF Mobile.
Using Sqoop for Loading Oracle Data into Hadoop on the BigDataLite VM, from RittmanMead.
From Kyle Hailey: Oracle Cross Platform Provisioning: Magic from the Mess.
How-to Install NetBeans 8.x All on Linux Mint 16 Petra 32/64bit Easy Visual-Guide, from Tutorial for Linux.
From Jeff Victor's Blog: Oracle Solaris 11.2 Launch.
From Metavero: First Look –

From the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog
So I heard about the R12.1.3+ EBS Wide RPC, how is that different than the 12.1.3 Procurement Rollup Patches?
Introduction to the Install Base Analyzer
Notice Something Different in My Oracle Support Recently?
Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 6 – Migrating From 11i To Release 12
Where Can One Find Help with Inventory Intercompany Invoicing?
Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 5 – Fiscal Classification Types & Their Creation For Tax Calculation From A Manufacturing Perspective
Want to Know More About Sales Lead to Cash Business Process?
...and Finally
From Michael Shermer, the Skeptic in Chief: Why people believe weird things, a TED talk.
We've spoken many times here at the Infogram of the potential mixed blessings of artificial intelligence. There is a new film out that relates, and has a clip.

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Mon, 2014-04-21 11:00
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Patching 
Oracle 12.1.3+ E-Business Suite Recommended Patch Collection 1 is now available.  It was posted on MOS March 28. For more information, please refer to "Oracle 12.1.3+ E-Business Suite Recommended Patch Collection 1 [RPC1] (Doc ID 1638535.1)", published on My Oracle Support. 12.1.3+ EBS RPC1 can be applied at level of E-Business Suite 12.1.3. An additional source of information for customers interested in the New Recommended Patch Collection for EBS 12.1.3 is Steven Chan's Blog.

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 17-APR-2014

Thu, 2014-04-17 17:26

RDBMS and Performance
Frequently Misused Metrics in Oracle, from The Oracle Alchemist.
Some notes from Tyler Muth on Oracle Database 10.2 De-Supported.
Also from Tyler Muth, a quick posting on Create Bigfile Tablespace – Oracle Managed Files (OMF).
Recovering a standby over the network in 12c, from Martin's Blog.
Data Pump Enhancements in Oracle Database 12c, from the ORACLE-BASE Blog.
From the dbi services blog: Implementing Oracle Database as a Service (DBAAS).
How to restrict data coming back from a SOAP Call, from Angelo Santagata's Blog.
Oracle Internet Expenses
Oracle Fusion Expenses - Mobile app for R12, from the Oracle Internet Expenses blog.
APEX 5 first peek - Themes & Templates, from grassroots oracle.
EPM Mobile
A new video introducing EPM Mobile is available on YouTube. You can find this video, and other EPM videos, here:

CVE-2013-5211 Input Validation vulnerability in NTP, from the Third Party Vulnerability Resolution Blog.
...and Finally
From the ever-useful LifeHacker: This Tipping Infographic Shows Who Expects Tips, and How Much.

<b>Contributions by Angela Golla,

Tue, 2014-04-15 13:52
Contributions by Angela Golla, Infogram Deputy Editor

Mark Hurd’s Latest Blog Explains Why Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge

Oracle President Mark Hurd has posted his latest LinkedIn Influencer blog, “Customer-Obsessed Marketing Is Your Next Competitive Edge.” 
Mark HurdMark Hurd,
President, OracleIn this new blog, Mark writes, “Marketing executives are leading the charge to convince their organizations of the inherent danger in today’s highly digitized buyer-seller relationship. And they’re doing that by proving that “your customers are only one click away from your competitors” is more than just a clever phrase—it’s the difference between being a market leader and going out of business.
"The good news is that as marketing executives strive to develop new customer-engagement models, to optimize multiple channels formerly in conflict and generate new revenue streams, they now have access to world-class marketing-automation tools, which have the potential to keep more prospects from making that one-click jump to a competitor…

Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 10-APR-2014

Thu, 2014-04-10 16:35

The Heartbleed vulnerability is causing a major stir. Here are a couple of articles to help clarify what you should do and when:
From lifehackerLastPass Now Tells You Which Heartbleed-Affected Passwords to Change.
and another good article from Mashable: The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now.
Using Sqoop for Loading Oracle Data into Hadoop on theBigDataLite VM, from RittmanMead.
From The Oracle Instructor: Initialization Parameter Handling for Pluggable Databases in #Oracle 12c.
12c New Feature: Limit the PGA, from Peter's DBA Blog.
From The ORACLE-BASE Blog: Online Move Datafile in Oracle 12c
Oracle Internals
From the internals guru Tanel Poder: Oracle X$ tables – Part 1 – Where do they get their data from?.
High Availability
Improving Performance via Parallelism in Oracle Event Processing Pipelines with High-Availability, from the Oracle A-TEAM Chronicles.
From the dbwhisperer: Multi-threaded Oracle 12c architecture on Linux.
OIM 11g R2 Self Registration with CAPTCHA, from Oracle A-TEAM Chronicles.
From Proactive Support - WebCenter Content: Free Learning Sessions on Oracle Fusion Middleware.
SOA Governance Through Enterprise Architecture, from the SOA & BPM Partner Community Blog.
Presentations are serious business, which is why you have to look serious, but relaxed: 10 Body Language Tips Every Speaker Must Know (Infographic), from Entrepeneur.
Over at the Oracle E-Business Suite Support Blog:
Should You Apply The R12.1.3+ EBS Wide RPC or Wait for a Payables Specific RPC?
Learn All About Channel Revenue Management Rebates
Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 2 – Basic Overview, Regime To Rate Setup & Transactional Flow (US Based Setup) From A Financials Perspective
Webcast: E-Business Tax Series, Session 1 – Prerequisites for Regime to Rate Flow Creation
Asset Tracking: How to Capitalize Serialized Normal Items Through Sales Order Shipment
How Can One Disable Continuous Price Breaks in R12?