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Four tough choices for workshops at GLOC 2014

Thu, 2014-01-09 12:18
This year at the Great Lakes Oracle Conference ( May 12-14 2014 at CSU ) we are doing 1/2 day workshops monday afternoon.  Then the conference kicks into full speed with keynotes tuesday morning and session tracks after that.

We have an incredible set of people doing workshops for our attendees.  We are working on finalizing a fourth workshop in the Essbase area but not quite ready to announce that on.

We are going to go live this weekend with the ability to register for our latest addition to the workshops.

Alex Gorbachev:
From Relational to Hadoop - Migrating your data pipelineI am very excited to announce this addition!

Will update this post with links when this workshop is online for registration. 
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schema validation scripts and alter session set current_schema ... make me not so grumpy

Tue, 2014-01-07 07:14
Believe it or not many DBAs/Developers are unaware of ( well or have forgotten ) how to "switch into" a different schema.

PLSQL has had the option for a long time

alter session set current_schema = SOME_SCHEMA_NAME;

This does not give you full schema owner capabilities ( well depends on what your login session capabilities have ) but can be very useful.  For instance in some kind of script to validate that all the expected objects exist and are at the corrrect version you could use it like this.

set echo off
set feedback on
set heading off
set linesize 168
set serveroutput on size unlimited
set term on

alter session set current_schema = FIRST_SCHEMA_BEING_CHECKED;

  validate_objects.bv_show_valid_messages := TRUE;
  validate_objects.bv_stop_on_error := FALSE;

  -- a bunch of calls against a validation package ... check that tables exists / views exists / foreign keys exists / indexes exist / packages procedures functions exists / data exists

  -- at the end check that all objects are valid in the schema ...  
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12c buffer cache flushing in a CDB / PDB environment

Wed, 2014-01-01 20:42
Here is an interesting post from Thomas Saviors blog aka ( My Oracle Life ).  It shows some complicated things going on flushing the database buffer cache from various CON_IDs within a CDB.

12c buffer cache flushing

Obviously only the people doing design work at Oracle for 12c ( 12.1 and 12.2 heck maybe 13 ) know what the overall plan is for next set of features/changes for a container database.  To me it seems very dangerous to know have a way of isolating one PDBs impact on other PDBs for the memory areas in the SGA ( shared pool / buffer cache etc ).  Maybe this will be changing soon?

There are some interesting CDB presentations going to occur at Hotsos 2014 ( best practices etc ) that I will be attending that may give me a better idea of what other people are worrying about and planning on using in this new CDB/PDB universe.

Thanks to Thomas for pointing out his post!

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I really do not understand twitter dynamics

Sun, 2013-12-29 18:01
So I guess my amazing number of 77 twitter followers of @grumpyOldDba ( thanks to all you geeks by the way ) may not be quite as earth shattering as I was thinking.

Received some kind of strange tweet / offer to sell me followers?

Wow ... I could go from 77 to 5077?  Ummm ... no thanks.

Makes me grumpy!
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