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Grumpy old DBA

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Sorry for the radio silence but this post will make up for it ( or maybe not ha ha ) makes me grumpy

Mon, 2015-07-13 17:07
It's been a busy year apologies for the lack of posts.  I have learned a couple of good things oracle related and probably forgotten more but most of the stuff I work on is now somewhat confidential that doesn't make it easy to blog about.

Last week at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland we had a very important visitor.  It was Janet Yellen the chairwoman of the well everything the chair of the Federal Reserve.

She was delivering a speech at the well known Cleveland City Club but stopped our bank.  My area was involved in doing two brief demo's of what we are working on she sat on the other side of the table across from me.  I did not have a speaking part ( just eye candy I guess ha ha ) but the people in my area who did speak were also in pictures.  Maybe next time?

I am kind of thinking about a presentation on sql plan baselines as being something to work on this winter?  There are a number of good ones out there already but the critical part of using a baseline is figuring out where to get one from ( and quickly ha ha ).

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Still in recovery mode from GLOC 2015

Thu, 2015-06-04 17:42
The conference this year was ( as usual ) just absolutely the best ever.  It was amazing and content was broad and deep and the speakers just absolutely world class.  Thanks to everyone who was involved but especially to all our speakers.

I was absolutely wiped out the week before and after the conference.  I think I am getting too old for this kind of thing but the only reason people do this is contributing to our members and to the community.

I wish I was blogging more technical stuff.  I have some very interesting things going on but confidentiality makes it difficult to approach posting items.

Stay tuned?

Thanks John
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