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have fun anyone heading out to OOW 2014

Wed, 2014-07-16 16:29
For anyone who has never attended a San Francisco Oracle Open World you really should go at some point.  The city is beautiful and the event well organized if a little on the chaotic side.

I have been lucky enough to attend quite a few of them over the last 10 years but missed out last year and also will be missing out this year.

It has been just once that one of my presentation abstracts was accepted out there.  I applied this year with two of what I think are quite good presentations but well no dice.

I have a free pass for the conference ( thanks Oracle Ace program ) but work is not willing to give me time off to attend this year and also not willing therefore to help pay for it.  I could take vacation off to attend but well it is very expensive and I need the time off that I do have for other things.

Have fun anyone that does make it out there!  Maybe I will make it to OOW 2015?
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long project nearing completion at work and a good book available

Sat, 2014-06-28 08:02
For any long time fans of the grumpy old dba blog, you may remember I changed jobs in June of 2013.  Sometimes changing jobs allows you to slowly come up to speed in a new environment but the last change involved me jumping right into a project that was already kind of rolling.

It has been a long year on the same project and a lot of time involved.  Not exactly what I was expecting in this change but hey I am old and grumpy right?  I shoulda known eh?

Anyhow just as our project was about to be implemented this weekend it has now been put temporarily on delay ( long story cannot go into details ).  One gets kind of ready for something to finally go live ... and then Charlie Brown the football gets yanked away from you?  ( Sorry apologies this will mean more to people who have watched the Peanuts based television specials ).

On the good side ... I just received Christian Antognini's ( new 2nd edition ) Troubleshooting Oracle Performance book and I have started wading into that.

I recommend this book very much!

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Well dang sessions got rejected ( yes again ) at Open World 2014 ... makes me grumpy

Thu, 2014-06-12 17:27
Two volleyed in for Open World and two shot down in flames.

Not that I had high expectations after so many tries.  I did get one accepted "once" ... ha ha!
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so who is using oracle result caching? ( makes me grumpy )

Wed, 2014-06-11 17:05
Not giving out too many details ... but some people trying to use this feature ( cough cough ) have had issues.

Getting an oracle 600 and having to restart a database instance is not necessarily good right?

Some things sound so good "in theory" and maybe in some distant release the ( oracle code issues ) will be all worked out.

Now staying away from using it ... ( cough cough ) ...
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how to hint ... a reminder

Sun, 2014-06-08 17:41
From Jonathan Lewis: how to hint part 1

A good primer there ...

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no oracle for you this weekend ... does not make me grumpy

Sat, 2014-05-24 16:21
Taking a long three day weekend and going to ( try anyhow ) to not even log into work network and not read email or ... anything.  Wow that's some bold action eh?

Tomorrow going to be competing in the Cleveland feis ( Irish step dancing competition ) with both daughters.  We are competing in parent child with a three hand reel for the Leneghan Academy of Irish dance.  Probably may the be last time we compete together ( but hey who knows ) it has been like 6 years probably since our last one.

At one point in our families Irish dancing career we were very busy over the summers with travel to various different events competing.  Yes even me eventually doing solo's etc.  At one point I impressed a judge in Louisville with my treble jig ( hard shoe dance ) that even though I was the ONLY competitor in that event ... she awarded me second place.  Lots of old stories etc from that phase in our lives!

Wish us luck tomorrow we are going to need it ha ha!
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last post on GLOC 2014 conference ... new technical stuff coming soon

Sun, 2014-05-18 18:25
One of the presentations I am going to work on next will be in the SQL Plan Management interaction/intersection area with AWR information.  At GLOC 2014 Craig Martin had a very nice one that kind of is kick starting my interest in coming up with some relevant / worthwhile.

For the conference itself it was an epic "best ever" kind of event that made one feel both valued/valuable for despite all the hard work and there was plenty of that ... it was above and beyond what we were hoping for.  All that achieved through a combination of top speakers and greath workshops.

Somehow even the conference did well when at the last moment our keynote speaker for the final day of the event scratched on us.  Through a set of bad luck and problems in Chicago Steven Feuerstein was unable to fly into Cleveland.  After 15 years of doing events this was our first time when a keynote speaker did not make it.  Yeah I know we shoulda had a contingency plan in place.

Ric Van Dyke from Hotsos stepped up to the plate and delivered an exceptional keynote in Steven's place.  Thank you Ric!

A special thanks to all of our NEOOUG officers and our conference planning committee which also included several people outside of NEOOUG ... you know who you are and we could not have done this without you!

Finally my appreciation for our conference chair Rumpi Gravenstein!  He is the guy the visionary that started this whole journey for us.  His energy and enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring to see!
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Very proud of my peeps ... GLOC 2014 is rocking

Fri, 2014-05-09 17:59
At this time ... Friday night ... 2 1/2 days before Great Lakes Oracle Conference 2014 kicks off ( GLOC 2014 ) things are rocking and rolling.

We have a new grand total of attendee's and registrations ... sitting at 321 at the moment.  This is big for us ... top quality speakers / great workshops / most affordable conference ever.

So proud of everyone involved in bringing this conference together.  Lots of people to thank but number one person is Rumpi Gravenstein our conference chair and driving force behind this crazy idea that we should do this and could do this.  Takes a visionary to create a goal!

Still time to get here and take advantage of all that we have to offer.  Special thanks to all our workshop leaders and our great selection of speakers!

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going through Tom Kyte's book chapter by chapter

Tue, 2014-04-29 18:02
One of the ( many varied ) things going on at my work place involves a lunch work/study group.  It probably would not surprise too many people to find out this was my idea to get going.

We have a core group of about 8 of us mostly DBA types but also a couple of developers.  Every two weeks we get together to discuss/review a chapter from Tom Kyte's ( latest version ) Expert Database Architecture book.

The idea is that each person is responsible themselves for reading the chapter coming up ( which for as good as Tom Kyte's book is really means reading it multiple times perhaps ).  Someone volunteers or is drafted to be the "point person" to guide the discussion of the chapter ... and you rotate through those assignments.  At every two weeks well geez it does take a long time to get through a book so that's a downside.

But think about it ... should you do something similar?

After we get through Tom's book the next one up will be Cary Millsap's "Optimizing Oracle Performance" ... ( I think ) ...
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missing my local conference makes me a little grumpy

Fri, 2014-04-18 18:11
Our big event here is a 2 1/2 day conference ( Great Lakes Oracle Conference aka GLOC ) is coming up soon in mid May and I am going to miss the first two days of it.  Not happy exactly but I do have a reasonable excuse.

My oldest daughter finishes her sophomore year at college ( Fordham in NYC ) and needs to get picked up ( and dorm room packed up ) and carted back home to Ohio.  So it is drive there sunday ... pick her up Monday and pack ... drive back Tuesday ...

I should probably be able to make the networking event Tuesday night ( well traffic permitting ) but will miss the main activities that day as well as the workshops on Monday.

I should at least be onsite to attend Wednesday and introduce Steven Feuerstein.

All the colleges tend to sometimes break or end college years at rougly same times we get to use Cleveland State for the conference that week because they are finished while Fordham has the last two days of final exams Monday and Tuesday.  My wife and my mother in law did the trip last year to get my daughter so only fair that this is my year.

Still however makes me a little grumpy ... no surprises right?
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adding NOT NULL columns to an existing table ... implications make me grumpy

Sat, 2014-04-12 07:56
This is DBA basics 101 in the oracle world but well also something that we grumpy DBA types forget from time to time.  We have an existing table in a schema that is populated with data.  Something like this say:

create table dbaperf.has_data ( column_one varchar2(10) not null, column_two number(10) not null);

insert into dbaperf.has_data(column_one, column_two) values('First row',13);
insert into dbaperf.has_data(column_one, column_two) values('Another',42); commit;

Now you need to add another column that is also NOT NULL.  Chris Date not happy the vendor implementations of the relational model allow null columns.  Be aware of any potential NULL columns in rows and handle them carefully ( IS null / IS not null ) to avoid messing up results.

But anyhow we are going to add in a new column that is NOT NULL.

How easy that is to do against an Oracle table depends on whether one is also supplying a DEFAULT value for the new column.  If you do not supply DEFAULT value what happens here?

 alter table dbaperf.has_data add ( column_three char(1) NOT NULL );

You get: ORA-01758: table must be empty to add mandatory (NOT NULL) column

To get around that you have to do this in three steps:
  • Add in the new column
  • Populate all the new columns with a value ( data migration )
  • Make the column NOT NULL
alter table dbaperf.has_data add ( column_three char(1) );

update dbaperf.has_data set column_three = 'X' where column_one = 'First row';
update dbaperf.has_data set column_three = 'X' where column_one = 'Another';

alter table dbaperf.has_data modify ( column_three NOT NULL );

Things get easier if you do this with a DEFAULT clause on the new column.  The problem is of course some columns have a reasonable default value others may not get any agreement for a default value.  A min and a max type column probably can have an easy default others not so much.

alter table dbaperf.has_data add ( column_four number(21,2) default 0 NOT NULL );

All of this discussion side steps the implications of adding a new column to a large existing table or partitioned table and fragging up the blocks ... that is a little beyond 101 for now.
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