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Apex: Oracle Application Express, former HTMLDB.
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This blog in a cloud

Mon, 2008-09-08 11:11
After reading this post by Jake Kuramoto, I was curious to see how Apex Notebook blog looks like in a word cloud. Here is the result: Wordle is a service for generating word clouds from text sources like blog feeds. The words that appear more frequently in the source text are bigger in the final image.
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Get server URL in Apex

Mon, 2008-09-08 11:11
Some time ago, I had this requirement to send to the application end users, links to specific pages passing some parameters. The problem was obtaining the full URL including the server's name and port where APEX was running. The OWA_UTIL package contains utility subprograms for getting the value of environment variables. Specifically the OWA_UTIL.GET_CGI_ENV function returns the value of CGI
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My agenda at OpenWorld 2008

Mon, 2008-08-11 07:48
Essentially, at OpenWorld I'll be looking for everything related with APEX. Unfortunately it's impossible to attend all APEX related sessions, because (fortunately) there is a huge number of interesting sessions and some of them share the same time schedule. David Peake has built an application that puts together all APEX sessions (good work btw) which helps picking the sessions. Beyond the
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Me at Oracle OpenWorld 2008

Mon, 2008-08-11 03:56
It is my first time at Oracle's big event, the OpenWorld. David Peake was kind enough to invite me to participate in one of the official sessions. So, if you want to meet me, you can find me at San Francisco next September :) Here is the session description, don't forget to register: Session Id: S300458 Title Building Commercial Software-as-a-Service Applications with Oracle Application
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More APEX sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2008

Mon, 2008-07-21 11:35
According to Oracle OpenWorld Blog, the top 25 voted sessions at Oracle Mix will be presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2008. Among the 25 winners there is a good representation of APEX, meaning that APEX community is very active. The winners, APEX related are: Rank: 1 (113 votes) Security: Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX).  Submitted by: Raj Mattamal
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