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Michael Dinh

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Michael T. Dinh, Oracle DBA
Updated: 13 hours 2 min ago

Better Communication

Thu, 2014-10-30 19:09

Sometimes I get excited over simple things. Today, I learned something new, something about human behaviors.

Basically, there are 4 quadrants for human behaviors.

If one does not understand the other person’s behavior, then communication can be very difficult.

To find more about human behaviors, read The DISC Model of Human Behavior – A Quick Overview.

Which quadrant are you in, versus your manager?

Oracle Real World Performance

Thu, 2014-10-23 22:39

RMAN Pet Peeves

Sat, 2014-08-02 12:38

Do you validate your backup and what command do you use?

Lately, I have been using restore database validate preview summary to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

The issue is RMAN will skip validation of archived log backupset when archived log exists.

Does this seem wrong to you?

Please take a look at a test case here

What do you think?

Create Physical Standby Database using RMAN Restore

Mon, 2014-07-14 21:19

Normally, when I create physical standby database, the configuration has the same directory structures and name values as production with the exception of db_unique_name.

But this time was not the case as shown below.

ANGEL:(SYS@xmenstby):PHYSICAL STANDBY> show parameter name

NAME                      TYPE        VALUE
------------------------- ----------- ----------------------------------------
cell_offloadgroup_name    string
db_file_name_convert      string      /oradata/xmenprod, /oradata/xmenstby
db_name                   string      xmenprod
db_unique_name            string      angel_xmenstby
global_names              boolean     FALSE
instance_name             string      xmenstby
lock_name_space           string
log_file_name_convert     string      /oradata/xmenprod, /oradata/xmenstby
processor_group_name      string
service_names             string      xmenstby

I have not been accustomed to adding suffixes such as prod, stby, qa, dev, uat, etc… to database name.

Hopefully, when a connection is made to QA server, it’s for a QA database and not PROD.

Enough of the rant, the requirement is to create physical standby with different directory structures and ORACLE_SID at standby site is xmenstby.

The format I have been using is to prefix db_name with closest airport code to the data center to create db_unique_name.

Alternatively is to prefix with hostname.

Active database duplication is not an option because concern it may take a long time.

It was suggested to perform RMAN backup on primary, transfer backup to standby server using multiple scp, and restore database.

Here I go and if you are interested in how this turned out, then please read more about it here

UPDATE: July 18, 2014

If the intention is to know the primary is now a standby and vice versa  after a switchover, then naming the db with the environment will achieve this.

DGMGRL> show configuration

Configuration - dg_xmen

  Protection Mode: MaxPerformance
    xmenprod       - Primary database
    angel_xmenstby - Physical standby database

Fast-Start Failover: DISABLED

Configuration Status:

DGMGRL> switchover to angel_xmenstby
Performing switchover NOW, please wait...
Operation requires a connection to instance "xmenstby" on database "angel_xmenstby"
Connecting to instance "xmenstby"...
New primary database "angel_xmenstby" is opening...
Operation requires startup of instance "xmenprod" on database "xmenprod"
Starting instance "xmenprod"...
ORACLE instance started.
Database mounted.
Switchover succeeded, new primary is "angel_xmenstby"
DGMGRL> show configuration verbose

Configuration - dg_xmen

  Protection Mode: MaxPerformance
    angel_xmenstby - Primary database
    xmenprod       - Physical standby database

    FastStartFailoverThreshold      = '30'
    OperationTimeout                = '30'
    FastStartFailoverLagLimit       = '30'
    CommunicationTimeout            = '180'
    ObserverReconnect               = '0'
    FastStartFailoverAutoReinstate  = 'TRUE'
    FastStartFailoverPmyShutdown    = 'TRUE'
    BystandersFollowRoleChange      = 'ALL'
    ObserverOverride                = 'FALSE'
    ExternalDestination1            = ''
    ExternalDestination2            = ''
    PrimaryLostWriteAction          = 'CONTINUE'

Fast-Start Failover: DISABLED

Configuration Status: