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This place is a notepad for sharing experience, code and other related stuff to Oracle, Java and XML technologies.Marcelo Ochoa
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Unleash Oracle ODCI API - OOW09 Voting Session

Wed, 2009-06-17 07:28
Oracle Open World Voting session is a new way to create the conference session agenda.
I have submited two speaker session, one named "Unleash Oracle ODCI API" that is ready for voting at Oracle Mix comunity.
Oracle Data Cartridge API is provided to implement many powerful functionality such as new Domain Indexes, pipeline tables, and aggregated functions.
The presentation will include an introduction to this API showing many of his features using as example the code of a Lucene Domain Index which is a mix between Java running inside the OJVM and Oracle Object types.
Lucene Domain Index is an open source project which integrates the Apache Lucene IR library as a new Domain Index, providing features has free text searching, faceting, highlighting, filtering at index level, multi table/column indexes and more for 10g/11g databases.
Basically I would like to introduce this exciting API which allows developers to interact directly with the RDBMS engine and adding some examples in Java that are not included into the Oracle Documentation.
Well if you want to see this session at OOW09 please click here, see you there....