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Embrace Diversity and Congruence in the Workplace

Tue, 2015-06-02 16:16

A Guest Post by Andy Campbell, Oracle HCM Cloud Sales Evangelist (pictured left)

What makes a healthy workforce? Ask a roomful of recruiters and someone will very quickly mention diversity. After all, businesses need employees from a wide variety of backgrounds who can inspire and challenge their colleagues and create a workforce that better resembles the outside world.

But if diversity is important, so too is inclusion. If recruiters can find people from diverse backgrounds, with diverse skills, but who share many of a company’s perspectives and values it’s more likely they’ll fit in and contribute towards a cohesive, productive team.

And let’s not forget just how important it is to get that right fit: the most expensive part of the hiring process is when the wrong hire is made and the whole thing has to start again.

For HR departments and recruiters looking for congruence, it seems to me that social sourcing has a whole lot to offer. This is because social media doesn’t just allow recruiters to advertise on a broader scale, but it can even enable them to channel campaigns through employees’ networks.

Why is this important? Because most people’s networks are networks of like-minded people. Recruiting through your number one sales rep’s LinkedIn network is likely to increase your chances of hiring a new employee of similar calibre. Moreover, it will save money on recruitment fees. There is of course a caveat here: social media is only part of the answer. Let’s face it, most people’s social networks are made up of people of a similar demographic to them and this can be limiting. Yes, companies want like-minded people, but they do not want clones.

For this reason, transparency is hugely important. A potential employee must to be able to easily find out about a company and determine whether the company shares his or her values and is a good fit.

Social media not only makes it easier for a prospect to find out this information, it makes it absolutely inevitable. All that remains is for employers to ensure that when the right recruit looks at their business through the lens of social media they like what they see.

The real power of social media in the recruitment space is that it works both ways. Not only can employers find out more about potential recruits and access talent that may otherwise have been unavailable to them, but prospects can learn more about the inner workings of a business than ever before. The end result should be more right fits more of the time.

We Couldn't Have Said It Any Better

Tue, 2015-05-26 09:54

We can tell Oracle’s cloud story, but it’s even more credible when customers do it for us.

Six of them did just that at the Oracle Cloud Analyst Summit in Half Moon Bay last month. In fact, the international SaaS customer panel was a bellwether on the day’s agenda.

Moderator Shawn Price (pictured left), senior vice president of Oracle’s Global Cloud Business Unit, said, “I firmly believe the most important voice in this market as we transition to the cloud is our customers’ voice and the role it plays in advocacy.”

The six individuals on the panel represented a broad section of companies who use Oracle Cloud applications. They talked about their journeys to the cloud, the benefits, Oracle’s innovation, cross-cloud integration, and the future.

You can view a webcast replay of the SaaS panel and hear from these six customers:

  • Panasonic, Rhiannon Ainge, Marketing Manager
  • SePro, Stephen Barkley, Manager – Information and Data Services
  • Ovation Brands, Patrick Benson, CIO
  • Solairus Aviation, Mark Dennen, CFO
  • CorePower Yoga, Kathryn Palin, HR and Payroll Administrator
  •, Paul Wignall, Group Head of Business Development

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS – 2015 Oracle Excellence Award: Sustainability Innovation

Wed, 2015-05-20 10:40

Is your organization using an Oracle product to help with a sustainability initiative while reducing costs? Saving energy? Saving gas? Saving paper?

For example, you may use Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management to design more eco-friendly products, Oracle Cloud Solutions to help drive down power consumption, Oracle Transportation Management to reduce fleet emissions, Oracle Exadata Database Machine to decrease power and cooling needs while increasing database performance, Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting to measure environmental impacts, or one of many other Oracle products.

Your organization may be eligible for the 2015 Oracle Excellence Award: Sustainability Innovation.

Submit a nomination form located here by Friday June 19 if your company is using any Oracle product to take an environmental lead as well as to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies using green business practices. These awards will be presented during Oracle OpenWorld 2015 (October 25-29) in San Francisco.

About the Award

  • Winners will be selected from the customer and/or partner nominations. Either a customer, their partner, or Oracle representative can submit the nomination form on behalf of the customer.
  • Winners will be selected based on the extent of the environmental impact they have had as well as the business efficiencies they have achieved through their combined use of Oracle products.

Nomination Eligibility

  • Your company uses at least one component of Oracle products, whether it's the Oracle database, business applications, Fusion Middleware, or Oracle Sun servers/storage.  
  • This solution should be in production or in active development.
  • Nomination deadline:  Friday June 19, 2015.

Benefits to Award Winners

  • Award presented to winners during Oracle OpenWorld by Jeff Henley, Oracle Executive Vice Chairman of the Board  
  • 2015 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award logo for inclusion on your own website and/or other marketing materials
  • Possible placement in Oracle Profit Magazine and/or Oracle Magazine

See last year's winners here.

Questions? Send an email to:

Follow Oracle’s Sustainability Solutions on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the Sustainability Matters blog.