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Graham Doe

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Graham's random musings on technology, specifically integrating Siebel CRM and SOA technologies. Movable Type Publishing Platform 4.01
Updated: 5 years 3 weeks ago

Siebel EAI Roadmap - Part 4 of 4

Mon, 2009-06-01 13:58
However, as a final point I should stress the optional aspect of these evolutions. All new EAI functionality will be delivered via the SOA Suite architecture but if the existing Siebel EAI stack meets a customer’s needs there is no requirement for them to upgrade today. The same is true for UCM, or any other Oracle application that Siebel integrates with... BI Publisher is a special case however, as Oracle have elected not to continue the relationship with Actuate BI Publisher will become the reporting solution delivered with the Siebel product. In fact, given how long it's taken me... Graham

Siebel EAI Roadmap - Part 3 of 4

Mon, 2009-06-01 03:56
One of the key technology stacks that had “stagnated” in recent years was the Siebel EAI stack. With a small number of notable exceptions the standards support that Siebel EAI provided was firmly rooted in earlier versions of the standards. On examination this stack would require a huge investment in time in order to bring it up to current standards, and by then the market would, no doubt, have moved on again. Again, looking at the premis that the Siebel EAI Stack (which is effectively a very small C++ middleware) was written because it needed to be it quickly... Graham