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Upcoming database updates [Video]

Wed, 2015-07-29 10:46

Just as summer calls for a wardrobe refresh, different databases across the tech world are getting updates as well.

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It is common for databases to update randomly throughout the year, with the reasoning behind these changes varying from simple bug fixes to an overhaul of an outdated system. Some updates currently in the pipeline involve Oracle’s database and open-source heavy-hitter PostgreSQL.

While reports of vulnerabilities are common in the media these days, Oracle is working hard to mitigate any issues related to its databases and has sent through updates for its MySQL database, reported The Register.

As for the open-source field, Softpedia noted that PostgreSQL 9.5 will have many new updates that will alleviate worries of duplication and conflicts, and also attempt to ensure the software keeps up with more established databases.

For the smoothest transitions between older and updated versions of databases, consider a database administration service to take care of the heavy lifting, so you can spend your time and energy elsewhere.

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Databases continue to be exploited

Wed, 2015-07-29 03:54

Hacking is an entirely commonplace practice these days, even though it does seem to come as a surprise when it happens. Some film portrayals of hackers show grand data centers with flashing lights and typists furiously clicking away, obtaining entrance to secure government files. However, many hackers don't need highly sophisticated software to gain access to any number of locations.

While it's very likely that databases get hacked just about every day, it's not commonplace  that a government agency is compromised. According to some recent Twitter activity, "hacktivist" group Anonymous has made yet another attack on a public office's database.

More databases, more problems
According to CBS News, Anonymous claimed it has hacked the United States Census Bureau database, stealing data on over 4,000 census workers. And why has such an attack been made on an innocuous agency? The motivation, as noted on a website that stores and displays stolen information, was responding to a set of free trade agreements that have yet to be passed or denied, CBS reported.

Why the group has a stake in this trade agreement plan at all is still is mystery to government officials, who have assured the public that the database was non-confidential and that the internal network remains secure and free from unauthorized parties, reported the source.

Latest in a long line
Even though the data that was stolen and distributed affected over 4,000 census workers, the data is relatively harmless, given the contrast of other breaches in recent history. Of course, it would be better if no information was accessed at all, but that's just the nature of the database business at the moment.

The Office of Personnel Management data breach is still fresh in many people's minds and those millions of individuals affected by the attack live in fear that their Social Security numbers will be bought and sold on a black market, causing untold damage and stress. And while American citizens and business owners reel from the impact, there is something that other institutions can do to mitigate their risk.

By investing in a database administration service, businesses are more protected than they would be if they were left to their own devices. DBA experts are highly trained and can look for the insecurities in a given data center that could potentially let hackers in if left unchecked. Don't be the next database in line to suffer an attack, check out remote DBA services today.

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